This Tuesday another key inflation data will be known and it overheats the whole year

Private consultants have already anticipated that prices increased more than in 2022, when the official measurement was 6.2%. The same day that the Government announced the plan to maintain the values ​​of 1,400 products, it was learned that in the second week of this month food increased by 1.2%.

Next Tuesday a key piece of information will be known that defines whether 2022 is indeed going to have three-digit annual inflation or if it will continue to be close to double digits. The INDEC will disseminate what was the inflation in October. Estimates from private consultancies anticipate 6.2% for October, which confirms that there will be no slowdown compared to 2022.

Yesterday, the Government launched the Fair Prices plan to maintain without increases, until March, the quantity of 1,400 products of vital importance for consumption. At the time a new price freeze was announced, the cost of food rose 1.2% in the second week of November and averaged monthly inflation of 6.1% in the last four weeks, according to revealed a private study.

The increase was led by fruits , which advanced 4.8%, according to estimates by the consulting firm LCG.

The rise in fruits attends to a change of season of the already missing productions caused by droughts and frosts. It was followed by sugar, honey, sweet and cocoa , which increased by 2%, as well as oils.

Dairy products and eggs were adjusted by 1.7%, the same as infusions and beverages to consume at home.

Bakeries registered a rise of 1.1%, based on the increases observed in the wheat bag.

As has been happening in recent months, meat barely had a variation of 0.3%.

The only item that showed a price reduction was that of vegetables , with a retraction of 0.2%.

In addition, in the footwear sector, the 60-day freeze was already confirmed, it would be until December 31; then, for the next three months, prices will vary with respect to the official dollar.

With the inflation data for October, the fate of the 2022 price rise will be practically cast. More than anything, due to the expectations and emotions that the annual accumulated will generate.

The data is still unknown, but it does not look encouraging. What is to come in terms of increases, either.

This week, the Government had economic announcements to offer, but everything comes to naught when the consumer looks at the prices in neighborhood businesses or supermarkets. The rise continues its course and seems to have no brake against the different preventive measures. Hand in hand with an inflation that does not yield, what goes up the most is the essential: food. So far, no cabinet or economic team has been able to curb the rise in prices, which gallops at a rate of two or three digits per year.

The president, Alberto Fernández, promised in March, when the monthly rate reached 6.7%, to declare war on inflation; today that war seems to be lost, and there is no relief in the national pockets.

In the country of barbecue, the consumption of beef fell to its worst level in a hundred years , with just 47.8 kilos per capita, as a result of the economic crisis, poverty and a change in people’s tastes.

The data that will be released next Tuesday will continue to be close to the same figures as when the Government began to take measures against the constant increase in prices. Everything seems to indicate that in 2023 the price disparity will continue, and the war against inflation is entering a moment of great setbacks.

The objective of Fair Prices, which was announced yesterday, would be to prevent the year from closing with three digits.

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