Thor Fridriksson’s ‘Trivia Royale’ Got 2.5M Downloads in 3 weeks

Social media, as we all know, is one of the fastest ways to reach a wide audience in no time and increase the business rapidly. TikTok clone is one such social media platform to grow your customers. Thor Fridriksson, the famous person behind QuizUp has come up with the recent thrilling game, “Trivia Royale”. Moreover, the eyebrow-raising thing is that the game reached new heights just in a few weeks since it has been rolled out on Apple’s app store. Thor raised the curtain from this marvellous game on 17th of June. This amazing game has now been downloaded more than a million times by game lovers around the globe. 


When it comes to games, the splendid features are vital to include for alluring the gamers in the blink of an eye. Trivia Royale has led to an increase in downloads in no time on the Apple store. The cherry on the cake is that the game app is keeping the game lovers hooked for half an hour in one time playing. It has a beautiful interface as well as exquisite design that easily attracts the game aficionados. The game went on to the top 5 position in just a few days of launch. 


Well, there are already different games available for gamers on the app store, but Trivia Royale has been the most wonderful game for children and youth instantly. TikTok clone app is a gripping social media to gain prospective customers. It is very easy for the business owners to create awesome videos to thrill the gamers for downloading this awesome app. The best part is that lovely videos excite the gamers to know more about a particular game and start playing. 

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Moreover, game developers can easily add stunning functionalities in online games for the players. Creative videos are the best way to thrill gamers to bits. With the use of social media accounts, you can reach a huge number of game app downloads faster. 


Trivia Royale is the game which has simple rules that enable players to learn it in easy steps. Gamers can play the game with 1 to 1000 numbers of players and compete accordingly. This thrilling game can also help players to enjoy calling through video platforms while playing so that they can tell their friends about the game or make them join the game. 


Though there are thousands of games on the app store, Trivia Royale entices the players to a lot of extents. Trivia has overtaken even TikTok clone app in popularity since it is launched. While playing this game, different players compete like that of Battle Royale, but the awe-inspiring tournament keeps players hooked till the end of the game. The game has a beautiful interface and enthralling design. Moreover, players can easily navigate through the entire game app in a fraction of seconds.

The procedures of playing are also quite simple and it takes very less time to learn. The gamers also get options to personalize the app according to their requirement. Game enthusiasts can search this gripping game on the app store and download it in simple steps. It helps the players to choose from attractive and colourful options to look at and learn the techniques to formulate good strategies to win the game. 

Final Words:

The technology sector has given the best in class platforms to game makers for increasing the number of downloads from the app store. Eventually, it enables game developers and game business owners to take their business to the next level.



Trivia Royale has become an exciting game because it is great fun to play the game with other contenders, and this classy game has class apart features that have led to the high number of downloads in less time. Furthermore, while planning to create a unique game app, it is important to perform thorough research to select dedicated and commendable developers. They will assist in designing the incredible game software as per your clients. 


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