Thoughtful Gifts and Tips for a Grieving Best Friend

When a close friend loses a loved one or a beloved pet, it’s natural for you to grieve along with them. You want to express your sympathy and be supportive with your words and your sympathy gifts. Since you know your best friend probably better than anyone else, lean into what feels right. In the process, here are some tips for choosing a thoughtful gift for a friend who’s grieving and ways to show them you are there for them through the happy and sorrowful times.

10Hand-Painted Sculpture Featuring Forget-Me-Not Flowers

It’s entirely your decision, but a traditional fresh bouquet sent to your best friend’s house is not the only option for expressing condolences. If you want to add a floral touch to your gift, choose among a thoughtful collection of hand-painted figurines, such as one of a woman holding a delicate bouquet of bright blue forget-me-nots. Figurative sculptures are thoughtful gifts to let a dear friend know that you care. Forget-me-not flowers are a lasting symbol of remembrance.

Angel Ornament Featuring a Gold-Leaf Candle Flame

A small and artful angel ornament is a gift to encourage hope and provide comfort. To honor the life of someone, you could choose an angel with wire wings protecting a small candle flame made of gold leaf. The flicker is like a spark that keeps us moving forward. The idea of lighting a candle for someone can be healing, and symbolic of a loved one’s presence. Sympathy gifts such as angel ornaments or figurative sculptures are permanent reminders of someone we want to keep close to our hearts.

Keepsake Box with Carved Lid

Best friend gifts in the form of keepsake boxes give them a place to keep small treasures, such as a dog tag or a paw print impression. If your friend has lost her dog, she’ll appreciate a special place to put those items as a reminder of love. An artistic carving on the lid of a girl hugging her sweet dog adds an extra personal touch.

You can approach gift-giving from many angles, such as through practicality to meet their immediate needs through a difficult time or through sentiment to show that you value their friendship. Classic sympathy gifts are a genuine way to honor your friend and the one they are grieving, especially if you aren’t quite sure what to get. Sometimes a hug and sweet gift is the best way to express your sympathy.

About Willow Tree®

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