Thoughtful Gifts to Buy Ahead of Time

Having to rush out and buy a gift at the last minute is a pretty stressful situation to be in. So, instead of being caught off guard or procrastinating, wouldn’t it be nice to have some really special gifts on hand?


By shopping ahead you’ll have time to carefully pick out thoughtfully curated gifts for some of the most important people in your life. Here are a few ideas for varying people and life events.

Anniversary Gifts

Is there an important anniversary coming up soon? Regardless of if it’s next week or not, the anniversary will happen at some point this year, and thinking ahead and purchasing a memorable gift is a welcomed idea. An artistically-crafted cake topper for the anniversary cake or even for a celebration piece to stand on its own is a thoughtful gift. Be sure to browse cake toppers crafted by a talented artist to find one that truly and authentically represents their love.

Gifts for Grandma

Grandmothers are special ladies and deserve an extra bit of thoughtfulness. So, make sure you have plenty of time to purchase her a birthday or Christmas gift in advance of the occasion—especially if she’s challenging to shop for. It would warm her heart to receive a hand-painted figure that symbolizes your relationship with her and thoughtfully conveys what it means to you. Gifts for grandma don’t need to be tough to choose with the help of companies who specialize in heartfelt art.

Gifts for Close Friends

Some friendships truly are priceless, so what better way to say how much someone means to you than with a thoughtful piece of art that displays appreciation, kindness, and joy—to name a few. A sweet friendship plaque that’s hand-painted and could be hung on the wall or displayed on a stand is a perfect gift to celebrate supportive friendships among women. Thoughtful best friend gifts could also include resin figures of two women sharing a moment or one figure that reminds you of her, someone who lifts your spirits and enriches your life every day.

Sympathy Gifts

While you can’t always predict when someone is going to pass away, it wouldn’t hurt to choose a gift in advance when those close to you are dealing with a sick or dying parent, or even a pet. Having thoughtful sympathy gifts on hand is always a wise idea as it will be an appreciated gesture that can convey your love and support to those experiencing loss. Finely-crafted angel ornaments and figures, comfort plaques, or musicals that play songs such as “Amazing Grace” are all meaningful gift ideas.

When you’re prepared for inevitable life events or are simply wanting to celebrate someone, you can focus on giving your attention to the person who needs you and means a lot to you. Start making your thoughtful gift list today.

About Willow Tree®

For more than 20 years, Willow Tree® has offered intimate handcrafted art pieces by well-known artist Susan Lordi, who creates the original carvings at her studio in Kansas City, Missouri. Lordi’s distinct style is revealed through gestures only, such as a warm embrace, a tilt of the head, her placement of the hands, or a turn of the body. Everything Lordi makes, from thoughtful figures to plaques and ornaments, are meant to inspire both the giver and the receiver. Willow Tree® art pieces also speak in quiet ways to comfort and uplift.

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