Thoughtful Things You Can Do for Dad for Father’s Day & Beyond

Dad’s day is almost here, and if you want to get to the top spot in his book, you can’t get just the basic gifts like a new tie, a driver, or a fuzzy blanket with his favorite team’s logo. Your siblings are thinking of the same gifts and you’ve gotta think big(ish) to shine like the superstar child you are.

Let’s go above and beyond with some cute, thoughtful things you can do for or with him this Father’s Day—or any day really!

Share Some Good Eats

Since the caveman days, cooking a meal and sharing it with someone has been a way for us humans to come together. The same is still true today, and there aren’t many more nice things more thoughtful than making a super delicious meal for someone. Show dad how much you’ve learned from those cooking videos on Instagram and whip up something special for him. After all, he’ll love any meal he didn’t have to make!

If you know his favorite meal, cool. Since it’s probssteak and potatoes, spring for some fancy dry-aged, marbled, Japanese, grass-fed, spendy beef cuts to grill up for him. If he’s the crowned king of the grill, he might not be up for giving up the throne, and that’s okay too. Going above and beyond to splurge on the ingredients should be enough to make a lasting impression.

Also, show your dad how environmentally conscious you are by using one of your cute tote bags to lug the groceries from the store to his place. Looking cute and saving mama nature? #proud

Do Something He Loves (Even if You Don’t)

It’s no secret that dads and daughters don’t always share the same favorite pastimes. You like going to brunch for mimosas; he likes hitting the driving range. Regardless, on dad’s day, it’s all about him (for once), so whether he wants to spend the day fishing or watching his favorite ‘80s action flicks, share in an experience with him and spend time together. While your siblings are busy rushing to the gift shop because they forgot about Father’s Day, you’ll be lapping them and well on your way to claiming the top spot on his favorites list. The spot you deserve.

Write a Heartfelt Letter

For those of us who have moved to a different state and are too busy with work and life things to travel back home for Father’s Day, you can still make the day special for dad! One way to spread love and just all-around good vibes is writing him a letter, by hand, and sending it through snail mail. Your dad likes to do things old-school, and he’ll love getting something in the mail that isn’t just another bill.

Sit down and really think about what you need your dad to know. Remind him of a memory from when you were a kiddo or write a thoughtful message about how thankful you are to have him. Put your personality into it with cute stationery that has unique design from a company like Talking Out of Turn.Once he touches that vintage letterpress paper and sees the thoughtful design, he’ll know it’s a letter worth holding onto.

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