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Chiropractors are trained healthcare practitioners who specialize in spinal alignment and correcting misaligned vertebrae.

Chiropractors work with patients of all ages and can provide treatment for many conditions such as: back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, or problems relating to sporting injuries.

Your chiropractor will take a focused history before making a diagnosis and providing treatment. Your chiropractor may recommend further investigations by different specialists if they suspect something else might be the cause of your symptoms. After examination, your chiropractor will produce an individualized plan that includes the frequency of visits necessary for you to achieve your goals as well as other treatments or therapies at appropriate times in the course of care.

Benefits of visiting a chiropractor:

As with any treatment, there can be risks and side effects. For example, chiropractic manipulative therapy (a specific type of spinal adjustment) can sometimes cause mild to moderate symptoms similar to those of a low back sprain including muscle soreness and stiffness. In rare cases, chiropractic procedures can result in complications such as neck pain and headache. If you experience any concerning symptoms or prolonged pain after visiting a chiropractor, it is important that you see your doctor immediately. Complications are very rare in the hands of a qualified professional who is adequately trained and qualified to treat the problem at hand.

Chiropractors are trained to diagnose underlying causes of pain by examining their patient and performing a number of tests including:

Examination is often conducted using x-rays, which will show the location, size and alignment of your bones in detail. X-rays also allow your chiropractor to view the soft tissues and joints without moving them, which can be helpful in order to reach your spine’s source of pain. An MRI scan may also be used if other diagnostic procedures fail to find the cause of your symptoms. Other tests may include:

Spinal manipulation is performed by moving the joints and soft tissues through small movements that control the flow of nerves to your body’s nervous system. Manipulation is typically done by hand (so as not to cause pain) but can also be performed using a machine if necessary. Before undergoing manipulation, it is important that you have a good understanding of how it works and the risks associated with it. As chiropractors are trained healers, they strive to empower their patients and teach them how to adjust themselves at home after a massage session or back exercises in order to prevent further injury. Read More

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