Three Advantages of Hiring a Natural Food Broker

As anyone in the industry knows, dealing in consumer packaged goods like food is no walk in the park. There is only so much space on the shelves and in the center aisles of grocery stores and supermarkets. If a natural food brand wants some of that real estate, it needs to work harder and smarter than its competition.


An established, reputable food broker enables vendors and brands to do exactly that. CPG brokers can provide their clients with a considerable amount of resources and expertise. They can give vendors a foot in the door, shoulder the burden of marketing goods and help clients reach new levels of efficiency and profitability.

Here are three major advantages of hiring a food broker:

Food Brokers Have Connections

Like marketing in any other industry, effective CPG marketing needs to speak to a specific target audience. Before retailers agree to stock vendors’ products, they need assurance that those products will appeal to their customers.

The best food brokers know how to communicate with different retailers and convince them to take a chance on a brand. They spend years cultivating relationships at the store level with both national chains and independent stores. Direct, well-established connections like these enable grocery brokers to stay aware of the specific needs and campaigns of various retailers. In turn, this awareness makes them better able to position products and persuade buyers.

Food Brokers Could Have Fresh and Natural Food Expertise

On a related note, an experienced grocery broker may have helpful natural food broker and Fresh food broker expertise. They have dedicated teams to help clients get their products into stores like Kroger, Whole Foods and Natural Grocers.

Food Brokers Have Advanced Technology

In addition to having ties with wholesalers and retailers, food brokers can utilize unique, sophisticated technology to better serve their clients. For instance, some leading grocery brokers have developed in-house, proprietary software that allows them to:

• Get real-time feedback on pricing and product-related activity in different stores
• Track the time spent on store visits
• Record specific objectives for and outcomes of store visits
• Get prompt alerts on critical store-level issues

Impact Group provides comprehensive CPG marketing services to food vendors across the USA. For more than 20 years, the company has used innovative technology and unmatched expertise to get its clients’ products on the perimeters and center aisles of stores.

About Impact Group

Impact Group is a leading grocery broker in the United States, providing vendors with comprehensive, timely, and cost-effective solutions. The company offers a personalized approach to CPG marketing, allowing clients to connect with retailers of all sizes.

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