Three Facts About Idaho Solar Energy You Should Know

The benefits of solar power are becoming more well known. With the cost of fossil fuel-based energy increasing, and a better understanding of the consequences of pollution, the world is increasingly turning to renewable energy sources like solar. Many Idahoans, however, remain unaware of many of the benefits of solar power. Additionally, some Gem Stater residents may not even realize that Idaho solar power is a viable option. If you’re unfamiliar with how well Idaho and solar power work together, read on.

4Idaho Is Perfect for Solar Power

One of the most common misconceptions about solar power in Idaho, and places like it, is that we’re not well-suited for solar. There’s a tendency to associate effective solar energy exclusively with sun-drenched parts of the country further south. It’s an unfortunate misconception since Idaho’s climate is actually ideal for solar. Solar cell panels certainly require the sun to work, but they don’t require additional heat. In fact, it can be just the opposite. Excessive heat tends to make solar panels less efficient. Idaho gets a good deal of sun, with Boise alone consistently making top 50 lists of the sunniest cities in the country, but we don’t get the sort of heat California or Florida does. That puts Idaho in its own “Goldilocks zone” for solar panel efficiency—it’s just right.

Solar Power Works Throughout the Winter

You may be wondering, “That makes sense in the summer, but how well does a more solar Idaho do in the winter?” As a matter of fact, we do pretty well. As mentioned, sunlight is necessary for solar power production. While less sunlight does produce less power, that energy production continues when the cells are getting sunlight filtered through clouds. On winter days in which the sun is out, those solar panels are can still work just like they do during the dog days of summer.

Efficiency Is Up While the Cost Is Down

This is actually a great time to invest in a photovoltaic (PV) solar system. The solar power dynamic has recently undergone huge changes for the better. Improved technology has resulted in far more efficient solar cells producing far more power than they ever have before. Those same technological advances have also improved production methods, reducing the expense of producing and installing PV solar systems. For instance, in the past decade alone Idaho solar power producers have seen the efficiency and power production of their solar panels triple, while the price of those panels has plummeted by 75%. That means, if you’ve ever thought about investing in solar power, now is a perfect time.

About EvenGreen Technology

In their nine years serving Idaho, EvenGreen Technology (EGT Solar) has become Idaho’s largest single provider of solar power systems by installation volume. The level of success EvenGreen Technology has earned stems from a commitment to ensuring that every one of their clients has the education and knowledge necessary for making informed decisions regarding their energy strategy. Headquartered in Meridian, EvenGreen Technology strives to build a greener, cleaner, more solar Boise and Treasure Valley, more solar Twin Falls and Magic Valley, and a more solar Idaho. It’s a commitment that has landed EvenGreen Technology on the prestigious Solar Power World Top 500 Solar Contractor list four years in a row.

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