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The Patriot Defensive Unit this performance is still proven, they let the four divided space-Roethlisberger, the 35 yards, no reachable, and have been copied twice. Unfortunately, this is not enough to take the victory results for them.

Patriot Corner Gilmore Review and Brown’s Division

Sunday Patriot 10-17 Located in the steel person’s competition, New England Corgeston Stephon Gilmore and Pittsburgh took over Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) had a friction.

2017 season NFL each award announced

Only less than 24 hours left in the super bowl, NFL held a award-winning ceremony for 2017-2018 regular season. Saint-Dictionary, Marshon Lattimore and Runa, Alvin Kamara, baked the year, the best offensive, new show, the best offensive show, becoming 1967 running guards Mel Farr and defensive defender Lem Barney Since the first weeks of the best offensive / defensive rookie teammates. The most concerned MVP has not unexpectedly falls into the patriots quartz, Tom Brady, which is his third MVP. Breddy has also become the top-length player who has obtained MVP. He passed 4577 yards this season, complete 32 reached, 8 times, pass the ball to the rating 102.8, everyone is looking forward to Braddy in this class The performance of a bowl. The following is a specific win list:

In addition to this friction, Gilmoor is only respectful to the entire party. He said: “(Divide) is very interesting. He is one of the strongest external connections. He is the most good at running route, but does the time point of action.”

Discussing the most trading objects include new England Patriots 4-point Gui-Garoppolo, in addition, Cincinnati, Subject, 4 points, AJ-McCarlen (AJ McCarron). The patriot has said they will not trade Garobo.

2018-year-old professional football Hall of Fame: General Manager Bobby Bobby Beathard, Robert Brazile, Safety Weight Brian Dawkins, Feng Yerry – Jerry Kramer, line Weili – Ray Lewis, Randy Moss, External Hand Tietar – Owens (Terrell Owens), Line Wire Brane Brian Urlacher

These 15 people will form a member of the Centennial Memorial. They will be officially selected from September 16th to 19th, as part of the League Centennial Celebration. In addition, members of 2020 celebrities will announce the day before the super bowl.

Tiger has said that if there is a team intentional McAllen, they are willing to listen to the quotation. But it is not common to transactions such as players in such an important position to the same partition.

The next item will be selected by the group consisting of a member of the celebrities, coaches, and the members of the Union, a Hall of the Hall of the House, selected from 38 people from 38 people on January 8, including 10 senior Players, 3 outstanding contributors, and 2 coaching people.

Occupational Football Hall of Centennial Memorial Member End Candidate

Professional Football Hall of Hattle has published 38 final candidates for the Centennial Commemoration, including superblarer, NFL founders and some of the most important characters in history and team history.

Brown is currently in BROCK OSWEILER, Cody Kessler and Kevin Hogan. But Osville is considered to continue to stay in the spring. This makes Kasler and new quadruples & mdash; & mdash; may pass the deal to pass the transaction & mdash; & mdash; competition first.

This is not the first to share personal feelings in Collins, but he said that he just simply wants to explain the feelings of Flals, not to blame him. In the late 2017 season, his inappropriate remarks of the Eli Apple also attracted many criticisms.

Landon Collins hopes to become a team leader of the giant defensive group

This year, the Giant Safety, Gu Langdon-Collins, was reprimanded by the main coach Pat Shurmur. The reason is that he is in an interview, telling the reporter Ereck Flowers injured due to the left to the left, and therefore did not participate in the team’s first stage voluntary training camp.

“We have a lot of excellent members who are competent captain,” Collins said, “I hope to let go of & lsquo; c & rsquo; badge, don’t go to my chest, but this is not my people can decide & hellip; & hellip; When the captain is certainly not easy, it is necessary to make a quick decision-making level, but also to make a speech, but also to convince. But I believe that I can use this heavy. “

This weekend, Collins admit that they should not share much of people’s ideas, which also adds trouble to the team. In order to help the team improvement, Collins hopes to guide the players with the argument of the captain.

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