Three Goals and Services Offered by a Sober Life Coach

Drug addiction is a major problem all around the world. Several people, irrespective of their background fall prey to this. Whether it is a teenager or an adult, they can become addicted to drugs. This not only ruins their health but also prospects for a better life. Though drug addiction is tough to fight, it is not impossible to recover from this situation. There is always a ray of hope amidst darkness. And in this case, it comes in the form of a sober life coach.

A sober life coach is usually someone who has had his/her fair share of battles with drug addiction but has fully recovered living a good and fulfilled life. These people are now on the mission to assist anybody battling drug addiction to start their journey on the road to recovery. The three main goals that a sober life coach has are:

  • A sober life coach will motivate you during your recovery process, especially during the early stages. S/he will ensure that you maintain your goals of the recovery process.
  • A sober life coach will ensure that the recovering addict has a sense of accountability for his/her treatment program.
  • A sober life coach will always motivate a recovering addict to stay and continue the recovery program.

Remember that sober life coaches are NOT physicians, therapists, or counselors. They are just a bridge between peer support groups and formal treatment. Some of the services provided by any sober life coach are:

  • Assist with building good and healthy habits
  • Assist in setting goals
  • Helping in developing recovery strategies and specific skills

So, if you or anybody you know needs a sober life coach, contact Christopher Ferry, who is a prominent sober life coach.

Christopher Ferry chose the path to become a sober life coach because he wanted to assist people who want to recover from drug addiction. The inspiration came from his battle with drug addiction and successful recovery from the same. And thus he established Boca Recovery Center where he helps recovering individuals start their recovery programs under the supervision of professionals. He has always been known as a motivational entrepreneur by several people who successfully recovered from drug addiction because of his assistance. Contact Christopher Ferry now to know more.

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Christopher Ferry is a leading sober life coach who also offers personality development coaching and assistance to recovering addicts.

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