Three Major Types of Diamond Painting Kits to Choose From

Have you been wondering how to spend your time while you are at home during these tough times? Of course, you will spend some time working in your work from home office space, but what about your weekends? Since there is little to no possibility of traveling, it would be wise to take up a hobby. One of the several hobbies that have attracted the attention of several people is diamond painting. We were also intrigued and curious to know what exactly diamond painting is and hence, started doing our research.

So, to explain in short, diamond painting involves using color-coded resin stones, an adhesive, and a diamond applicator to create a magnificent painting. These paintings are something you have never seen before. They are attractive, colorful, and enjoyable to make. Diamond painting is also promoted as an activity that helps you calm your mind and reduce nervousness. So, buying a diamond painting kit and creating a wonderful art piece is a win-win situation. You can utilize your extra time and stay calm and relaxed.

Now, when you start searching for diamond paintings kits, you will find three types to choose from. In this article, we are giving a brief introduction to these three types.

· Full drill kit: In this type, the whole canvas space can be filled with diamonds to create the painting.

· Partial drill kit: In this type, only a partial space of the canvas can be filled with diamonds with the rest of the space painted with colors.

· Multi-panel kit: In this type of kit, you will find one or two diamond paintings with a full or partial drill. Complete all paintings to create a full set.

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