Three Phases of Horse Footfall Patterns That Determine the Equestrian Surface

Do you love riding your horse? If yes, what is your riding discipline? Is it jumping or dressage or barrel racing and reining? Based on your riding discipline, the equestrian surfacing is the most important factor for good riding experience. You might not realize this, but the equestrian surface can greatly impact the performance and health of your horse. The importance of having the right equestrian surface increases if you are planning on starting a horse-riding arena for your competition horses. Since you have spent so much on selecting the right breed of competition horses, you would also want the best performance.

Now, to choose the right equestrian surface, it is important to learn about footfall patterns. In this article, we will tell you about three phases in the footfall and how a surface can impact the same.

· Landing phase: In this phase, the hoof of your horse comes in full contact with the surface. At this moment, the foot of your horse stops and slides a little forward causing even distribution of weight. This can cause compression in the bones and joints of the leg along with sending shock waves in the leg. The surface you choose must be able to evenly distribute these shock waves.

· Loading phase: In this phase, a shock-absorbing effect is created to carry the whole weight that includes the horse and the rider. This weight will change based on your riding style and movements. So, the surface you choose must help the horse to build the shock-absorbing effect.

· Push-off phase: In this phase, the heels rollover to give the push for the next stride. Your surface must assist in taking a full stride.

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