Three Reasons to Reupholster Your Furniture

As professional furniture upholsterers, we get asked frequently whether or not the furniture is worth reupholstering. Reupholstery involves taking off the initial layer of fabric from furniture before applying a new layer. This allows you to continue to use pieces of furniture that have been worn down over time.

If you’re wondering if you should redo your furniture, we’ve compiled a list of reasons that might influence your choice.

Restore Quality Piece

Simply put, contemporary furniture is not built to the standard of older furniture. Nowadays, the majority of furniture is flat-packed in big boxes, constructed of wooden frames made of composite wood and rubber straps. Before furniture was mass-produced by companies and cut corners in order to create inexpensive, small pieces of furniture, it was constructed with high-quality materials and better workmanship.

Each piece – an armchair or a sofa – was made with quality in mind and was designed to last for many years. Furniture reupholstery allows you to preserve an old piece that you love while giving it a fresh and modern look to protect it.

Do Your Bit for the Environment

Instead of throwing away your pieces of furniture that are worn out, reupholstering it is an excellent way to breathe new life into an old piece and prevent it from ending up in the trash. When you restore your furniture, you’re helping conserve the environment since fewer resources are used up. Frames and springs are reused and therefore less steel is needed. Reupholstering furniture is essentially recycling your furniture and turning it into a brand new piece.

Update the Old Furniture Piece

Over the course of time, your preferences for style may have changed. But that isn’t a reason to get rid of your old furniture when remodeling your home. Reupholstering is the perfect answer and is an excellent way to update your old furniture look. It doesn’t matter if you replace the old-fashioned designs with vibrant and striking fabric or go for the patterned material, reupholstering offers an eco-friendly solution to transform furniture.

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