Three Reasons Why Businesses Should Focus on Automated Mobile Testing

With the growing importance of digital space, many companies are investing in mobile applications to scale up their businesses. The surge in the number of applications is exponential, and the global mobile application market can reach $407.31 billion by 2026. This industry is growing at a CAGR of 18.4% from 2019 to 2026.

However, 80-90% of mobile applications launched in  app stores are abandoned after a single-use. Enabling mobile apps can prove beneficial for a company if it is thoroughly tested before it is launched. EndtoEnd mobile testing tools assess the performance of the application in an integrated environment for offering stable performance and maintenance.

This brings us to the next question – how does one choose the best Mobile App Testing Tool? Mobile app testing is more complex than web testing. Mobile app  testing tools which are automated facilitate the interactions of test codes with the subject application. Automating mobile testing tools is useful if you are involved in the continuous development and maintenance of mobile apps. It helps to ensure the performance of the apps so that it provides a great user experience (UX).

Why Should Businesses Focus on Mobile Test Automation?

Mobile test automation is known to increase productivity, improve software quality and testing coverage, and bring down the testing time for any mobile app. The automation tool also reduces the redundancies in the testing process as it automates the repetitive work to provide better consistency.

Automation testing checks the loading time, user experience, determines the functioning of the apps, the accessibility features, security, and performance across various platforms, be it web browsers or different operating systems on mobile devices.

As millions of mobile applications are available in the marketplace, you need to ensure that your app can perform seamlessly to improve the app ratings and reviews so that more users download it. Hence, when your application is in the development phase, effective mobile app automation testing will help to establish if the app will give a flawless performance.

Hence businesses should focus on mobile test automation to achieve the following characteristics.

  •        App Performance

Mobile automation testing tests the app’s responsiveness and its operating capacity. The scalability and readiness of the app to accommodate more users can also be tested.

  •        App Security

During the testing phase, the verification of data integrity, storage security issues, and tainted inputs are important. Mobile automation testing also checks the security of activity logs.

  •        App Usability

Mobile apps that offer great and varied usability to the users are proven to have a greater appeal. App usability automation testing helps to achieve the desired level of usability. It ensures that the users can perform the intended tasks on the application satisfactorily.

To Conclude:

Mobile automation app testing ensures the building of scalable mobile applications. Test automation will help you save your time and money as it checks mobile apps’ functioning and performance.

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