Three Rookie Triathlon Wetsuit Mistakes

Using a triathlon wetsuit is extremely important in races, and you will never know how to perform without it. It is like a second skin that enables you speed and security in the water. But any racer will tell you a few mistakes they made with their wetsuit, things that were relatively simple and maybe a bit awkward. You can learn from their


experience so you don’t repeat them on race day.

Here are three wetsuit mistakes that triathlon rookies often make.

Not Trying Your Wetsuit Before The Race Day

The big mistake you can ever make is not trying your swimming wetsuit before the race day. It is very important to use the wetsuit, if even only once, before race day. As they say, practice makes perfect, and the old mantra of “nothing new on race day” is correct.

Doing so will make sure that it fits you perfectly, and know what it should feel like and should not feel like. A wetsuit can feel a bit tightening the first time you use it, then you get used to them. Let your body be comfortable. See what it feels like and how to do your swim stroke with it on.

Putting Your Wetsuit On at the Wrong Time

This one can go a few different ways, but we’ve seen many racers make mistakes about when they put the suit on the morning of the race. A wetsuit may exhaust your energy if you put it on too soon. It could drain your energy to sit in the early morning sun with the heat hitting the black wetsuit neoprene.

If you put it on instantly just before the moment race starts, you may be at risk of not getting fit into it properly. If you put your wetsuit on but have not done some basic things such as use the bathroom, you might be wishing you had once you are off and racing. Whatever the case, make sure that you are ready in your wetsuit about 15-20 minutes before it starts generating heat. That will let you put the wetsuit on in a relaxed manner, and avoid any bizarre in the suit, not creating any rush to get the wetsuit on as your race is beginning.

Getting the Wrong Size

Most racers will search and pick a sizing that works well for them. But people who buy in urgency or borrow a wetsuit from a friend could end up getting a wrong fit size wetsuit.

Wetsuits that are too loose than a perfect size and floating qualities. Wetsuits that are too small do not allow breathing and does not support arm and shoulder movements. Sizing is important when it comes to wetsuits!

Do not ever compromise on size it can be the reason for your poor performance by restricting your range of motion or having a wetsuit that doesn’t do its job well. The other important factor in picking the right wetsuit is making sure the wetsuit is made especially for triathlons.

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