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After 5 seasons for giants, Amamara leaves the team. Due to Janoris Jenkins, giants are also interested in Amamara. In the official website, the “99th Allance” in the “99th Allance” is the 20th place in Amacara.

Kutin said: “Yes, I don’t want to do it. I like the game, I hope to play. But from a perspective, I hope I can put the game with 100% in the best state, actually I don’t have to It is not acknowledged that it may continue to rest and ensure that my injury will not deteriorate, so that I will be healthier in the rest of the season. No matter what, we will find the best solution, I will make a choice with the team. ”

Texas people’s mid-range guards recovery training, looking forward to this week
The 2 weeks of rest time makes the Houston Texas Middle Line Weibuki-Kuding (Brian Cushing) gradually gets the injury. When asked about the physical condition, Kubin said: “Mobile, strength, run, endurance, I feel that everything is getting better, I am very excited now.”

Although the state and the body are in a good direction, Kubin himself is still not sure if he can play this week: “It is still unable to determine, but I feel very good. I want to play, hope to be able to Philadelphia eagle handed. This is my plan. “Texas will usher in the court next after the week, if Kubin is still unable to play, he will have an additional week to restore injuries.

The sea eagle sent away from Harva needs to re-on, and they are now 3 wins and 3 losses, only the third in the country of China. Since the end of November, they need to be two times in 5 weeks with Arizona Sapphire and 49 people in San Francisco. This will determine the team’s trend this season. Now they have a 1 month to adjust themselves and find the right winning way.

Murray was originally studied in Texas Ranchu University, which was seen as a not two of Johnny Manziel. But the matter is willing to violate, Murray quickly learned the University of Oklahoma, giving last year’s Haysmann winner Baker Melyfield as a substitute, and the spring semester participated in the university baseball team. His baseball performance is amazing, Auckland sports opener even decided to take him with a 9th sign in 2018.

But Murray hopes to make more football, and Merfield graduated, he became the first quarter-off. In the next day, Murray confirmed its rare speed, exercise ability and strong arm. He completed 241 passes throughout the year, and he promoted 4053 yards, reached 40 times, and was copied 7 times. In addition, he also pushed 892 yards, reached 11 times.

Team center Alex Mac (Alex Mack) was sprained in the game in the game, and he still feels an ankle pain. Although Mike returned to the competition after short leaving the game, NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the falcon may not participate in training this week.

For young Jaguars, the joining of this experienced player will bring a very direct upgrade of the second line. Previous Ji’an Tiger has signed defenders Malik Jackson and Safety Wei Tayene-Gübeson (Tashaun Gipson).

Light gray blue cricket and golden pants and the figures on the helmet are for the tribute to the team in AFL, but it will also remember the glorious age of Ramina Tomlinson Morlin. It is the influence of the team in the past few years of Color Rush style. The team has been influenced by the team in the mid-1970s, and the third team of Tibetan cyan is similar to the team in the late 1980s to the 2000s The medium-term color, in which time the lightning entered the super bowl, the new millennium began a period of success.

American Tiger and Corner Wei Amamala sign for 1 year
Jacksonville America continues to reinforce lineup. On Friday, the Cheap Nfl Jerseys official reporter took the lead in reporting that the Jenan Tiger has been agreeing with the former New York Giants PRINCE AMUKAMARA, and the contract details have not been disclosed. Then the American tiger confirmed this news.

The digital sample of the new jersey is more simplified. The lightning pattern of the shoulder is enlarged. The lightning pattern here is substantially the same as the lightning pattern on the helmet in the helmet. In addition, the lightning pattern of the new pants is no longer so curved, more flow lines.

The Falcon is the only one in the same set of 5 people to attack the front line, while Mike is the most important player of this sharp line. Mike is critical to the excellent performance of the Falcon offensive group. He joined the Falcon from Cleveland from Cleveland to Falcon with a 5-year contract before this season.

If the Mike’s ankle has not recovered, he will give him a stupid behavior. That’s why there is a one-week break between the Super Bowl and the Federation. Everyone wants the best and healthier players to appear on the most important stage.

Hayisman award winner Murray announced the 2019NFL draft
US Time Monthly Awards this year, Haysmann winners, the University of Oklahoma’s four-dimensional Kyle Murray announced that this year’s NFL draft.

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