Three Simple Ways To Strike A Chord With Personal Essay Writing

College assignments are often strange and unpredictable. Usually, teachers throw some unbelievably difficult assignment writing tasks, personal narratives of some weird object or unknown people hailing from an unheard of profession, leaving you utterly confused with your mind running haywire. Visit us academic writing services.

Drafting personal narrative writing is difficult. You have to use the first person language of actual events. It is wholly based on your perspective, how you look at the world, how you think and how you integrate new experiences. It reflects on your paper. Apart from your mind and psychology, a few other things get precedence to make your personal narrative writing more striking Also visit us for math assignment help.

  1. The basic guidelines

Your personal essay should:

  • Strive to display a clear, compelling and well-developed essay with equal importance to logical transitions, maximum use of vocabulary
  • The actions of the composition must narrate appropriate character gestures, expressions, postures, and movements of each mentioned character
  • Change its pace according to the time, mood changes, events or climax
  • Interrelate between scenes or paragraph
  • Specify intricate details that will make readers visualize the scenes or events
  • Stay within its word range


  1. Structure

Varying with the length, depth, detail or type, each global assignment help must have a

  • Hook: a unique, evocative and exciting statement or paragraph that peaks the interest of a reader to read through the assignment content
  • Provoking incident: the circumstance, episode or argument that sets the motion of the composition
  • The background: location, time of narration, etc.
  • Dialogues: the interactions between the surfaces of the article, specifically the verbal and gestural conversations
  • Scenes: the narrated series of interaction, dialogue, and actions unfolding with each event of the composition
  • Resolution: the successful outcome of events that wraps up the narrative writing; it can be the knowledge, wisdom, and insight or anything that gives readers a sense of closure.

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  1. Writing tool


  • Metaphor: The use of correct metaphor in narrative writing reflects the writer’s perception of resemblance and the interrelationship of its characters. Writers can use it to draw a comparison between things, shed light on them or enhance their qualities.
  • Similes: Similes is another writing tool. Similar to a metaphor, similes use an example to draw comparison using words, “like”, “as.”
  • Hyperbole: A hyperbole is an exaggerated metaphor or simile. It personifies non-living objects, abstract things, and natural human qualities, properties, and emotions, in the assignment.

To conclude, you can enhance your narrative assignment writing by keeping in mind the things mentioned above.



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