Three Types of Barbells a Beginner At-home Gym Must Have

For the past few months, due to the pandemic, most gyms and workout places were shut down. And even now, to avoid any health risks, most gyms are avoiding opening their doors. But this must not hinder your workout routine. In times like these, when it is difficult to get out and go to a public gym for getting some physical activity, it is wise to set up an at-home gym. You might think that you will need a lot of equipment to set up such a gym but that is not the case. If you are a strength training enthusiast or a beginner at setting up an at-home gym, all you need is your gym clothes, your workout shoes, weights, and barbell Canada. Yes, that’s right! Only with these few things, you can set up an at-home gym and get started.

FIn this article, we will focus on three types of barbells you can have in your at-home gym. Keep reading to know more.

  • Weight lifting barbells: These are the best barbells to have if you use weight lifting as a part of your strength training. This is the best option for serious, athletic, or recreational weightlifting.
  • Training barbells: These are again a good option for those who are interested in doing recreational weightlifting to maintain shape and physique. If you have a general strength training regime, these barbells are a cost-efficient option.
  • Safety squat bars: These barbells are great if you are a beginner in strength training.

    This is specifically made keeping beginners in mind. It has extra padding for comfort and may be used to work on your other muscles too.

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