Three Types of Outdoor Lighting Your Landscape Must Have

Does your house have a front and a backyard? If so, you will agree that the design and look of both these yards contribute to the appearance of your house. And hence having the right landscape design is of the utmost importance. But even if you have a great landscape design, you must ensure that it is visible to your guests to make a great impression.

In the daytime, showing off your garden and landscape features is not a problem. The daylight makes it possible. But what about when the sun sets down and darkness surrounds us? That’s when having the right outdoor lighting Barrie Ontario will help you.

Outdoor lighting will ensure that you have light in the important areas of your front and backyard accentuating the best features. When it comes to outdoor lighting, you must have three types installed at your house.

· Security Lighting: This type of lighting is installed strategically in your front and backyard to ensure that no animal or burglar approaches your house. This is used to illuminate larger areas in your yard. You can choose from motion-sensor security lighting that will switch on when a movement is detected.

· Accent Lighting: This type of lighting is installed to ensure that the most striking features of your hardscape are in focus. This includes string lighting and outdoor wall lighting that accentuate the specific areas of your hardscape.

· Landscape Lighting: This type of lighting is used to accentuate the beautiful garden features. The best examples are path lighting, deck lighting, and spotlighting that will bring out the best features of your landscape.

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Hard Rock Landscaping is a prominent landscaping company that provides services such as landscape design, outdoor lighting, interlock Barrie Ontario pathways, and more.

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