TicWatch C2+ Review: A Sequel Product With Minor Update

TicWatch C2 was one of the best value smartwatches in the market. TicWatch C2+ has arrived as a sequel of C2 in the market with minor updates.

If you see specs of this smartwatch, you might consider it as one of the temporary releases by Mobvoi. Thankfully, the company isn’t marketing this product as “TicWatch C3.” Current users know the exact reason why this device needs more upgrades. In this blog, you will find the full review of TicWatch C2+ that might help you in understanding this product.

What About Its Hardware & Design?

If you love simple designs, then you might like the design of TicWatch C2 and C2+. The C2+ has identical design as its previous iteration smartwatch.

The smooth and reflective finish is one of its USP. When you will compare its design with other smartwatches, you will find that C2+ has a better finish than any product with similar specifications. Still, the company believes in a stainless-steel finish with a plastic base for the product’s durability.

Having a silicone band is lovely. Using a leather strap with this device can be a little uncomfortable. There is no complaint regarding its design, but it doesn’t produce enough bright light in direct lightning. During hot and sunny summers, you would face difficulty in watching your watch’s screen.

One of the weirdest omissions in this watch is speaker. Without this element, you will not be able to pick and make calls directly from your wrist. It is something important to note, but overall, its design is excellent.

Software & Performance Of TicWatch C2+

Still, the company is packing this device with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset, which is not the best chipset at this stage. No doubt, an extra 512MB RAM can gain extra speed and consistency, which can improve the device’s performance.

It is difficult to understand why Mobvoi is sticking with the same chip with upgraded RAM. You can see this as a cost-cutting step, but the company needs to work on it.

One of the exciting things about this device is its performance never drops even when the battery dips below 10%. Older chips are powerful, but a new and upgraded chip will work more fluently than the previous one. At least, the company needs to add a Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset in this device. Possibly, you might see 4100+ or 4100 chips in TicWatch C3.

The device needs more upgrades, like a larger display and better chipset. Usually, C2+ users need to use their smartphones for lots of work because of its small screen.

If you want more information about your workout session and want to track your fitness, then you need to install Mobvoi TicHealth apps on your smartwatch. The app allows you to share all the information via Google Fit, so you have all the essential data in one place. As per the user’s feedback, workout data is pretty accurate, which is impressive.

But those who love to use a sleep tracking app, then this device might disappoint you. You need a separate application that can help you in tracking the quality of your sleep. If you don’t use this feature, C2+ will prove the best product as a smartwatch.

The watch is not as comfortable as another smartwatch with similar features. It might be the greatest downfall of this product.

Using Google Voice Assistant from your wrist is a good idea, and most of the time, it is accurate. But the absence of speakers for audio feedback is annoying.

What About Its Battery Backup?

Another loophole of this device is its 400mAh battery. You must be expecting a full day of usage, but when you use an onboard GPS or fitness tracker, you will notice that the battery drops quickly. Its battery backup is relatively low when compared to another wearable smartwatch.

You might dislike charging your smartwatch more than once in a day. The battery life of this device is just average. If you need a device with more extended battery life, you can go for other alternatives like Huawei Watch GT 2e and Xiaomi Mi Band 4. With these two devices, you don’t need to worry about charging the device multiple times in a single day.

You can probably point out chipset as one of the primary reasons for miserable battery life.

The Bottomline

Without any second thought, TicWatch C2+ is a decent smartwatch. It has some good points with some disappointments. Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 Chipset in this device is one of the significant issues with this device. Current smartwatches have the latest chipset, which produces better performance than 2100 chipset. But having this chipset with the same design is frustrating. Mobvoi should work on placing the better chipset in this device.

If you love less-fuss and straightforward design, then it is a decent choice, but with so many flaws, it is tough for the buyers to pick this device. You need to spend $210 on buying this product, which seems to be a little pricey. If its price goes to below $150, it will prove a decent deal for the buyers.

Usually, it is not a long-term purchase, but you still want to buy this product, then you can get it from the official website of Mobvoi or Amazon.

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