Tipped to launch soon: OnePlus Nord Smartwatch


OnePlus, the Chinese tech brand has been in talk lately for its budget-friendly gadgets. The brand is ready to gear up its value by launching a new watch which is now expected to release on 3rd July 2022. OnePlus has a range of smartphones lined up that are expected to release this year. The tipster Mukul Sharma, has tipped the brand to launch its smartwatch range earlier than it was expected before. The internal testing for the watch has already begun in India.

OnePlus as a brand believes in never settling on quality and manufacturing user-centric products. It is pretty much everything you can ask from a brand. Honestly, OnePlus is a brand known for accomplishing quality production at an extremely affordable price. To date, the price at which OnePlus is launching the products is within the buyer’s buying capacity. Its minimal design and exceptional features are what make it different from various competitors in the tech industry. Currently, the brand is producing a series of 3 different types of smartphones- the Nord series, the Ace series, and the numbered series.

It is one of the few smartwatches that could be in an affordable price range for most people across the world. The watch is expected to price somewhere between ₹5000-10,000. Not only this the watch is expected to come with a touch-screen display with some extravagant features. Heart rate, sleep tracking, step tracking, and blood-oxygen-level tracking are some of the few features of this new watch. These features can easily be controlled on the watch as well as on the mobile. Not just this, the watch also comes with the capability to support Android devices but not IOS and with internal connectivity of microphone and speakers.

OnePlus is expected to launch various new mobiles this year. A few of them are the OnePlus 10 Pro, OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G, OnePlus 10 Ultra, OnePlus 10R, and OnePlus 10 Ultra. Not just this, the brand also anticipated revealing the release of the OnePlus TV Y1S Pro along with the OnePlus 10 Pro in India. With the launch of the TV, OnePlus is expected to extend its roots to different countries like the US as well. It is honestly great to see such advancements in the technology industry.

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Earlier only Iphones and Samsung were expected to release watches but now with the advancements in the tech industry, we see a variety of brands flourishing with great promising gadgets. Apart from launching mobile phones and their accessories, the brand also extends its market to other non-phone products like a smartwatch, TV, and smart band. This watch is the extended version at an extremely affordable price released earlier by OnePlus.

OnePlus wants to extend its roots to other tech areas as well. It surely wants to grab its share in the market and that is why it is coming with new and exceptional tech gadgets so that it stays in the technical market for the long run. The brand has even launched wired and wireless earphones with which it is also planning to come up with a new series of OnePlus wireless earphones that have only been released by a few brands like Boat, Apple, Xiaomi, and Noise. However, you cannot deny the fact that OnePlus is extremely focussed on delivering a wide range of products related to the tech industry. As buyers and tech fanatics, we are extremely excited and are waiting to see what OnePlus has in store for us in the upcoming future and are excited to buy and try the upcoming launches shortly.

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