Before proceeding with the steps to remove coinminer malware, it is important to know the category of this malware. Coinminers known by people as cryptocurrency miners are a set of programs that help in the generation of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero or other cryptocurrencies that are getting popular among users. Cybercriminals also started to participate in this business to make money by inserting malware that silently mined cryptocurrency.

These threats and viruses make use of software that takes advantage of someone else’s computing resources such as CPU, GPU, network bandwidth, etc – without taking their consent.

Various types of coin miners

There are 3 major different ways that force a device to mine cryptocurrency and these are listed below:

Executable files

These files are usually malicious and are known by the name PUA- Potentially Unwanted Application. If you place such files on your device, it starts to give way to cryptocurrencies.

Web browser-based Cryptocurrency Miners

These are JScript miners who perform their work in the web-browser by consuming available resources until the browser remains open on the website. Criminals or the website owners use these miners intentionally in replacement of the advertisements, coupons, banners, and pop-ups. Also, they are injected into legitimate websites without the owner’s consent.

Advanced File fewer Miners

This malware emerges by using legitimate tools such as PowerShell to carry out additional malicious acts in addition to mining.

Is your device being used for coinmining?

Coinminers run on platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, IoT devices as well as Android devices. It is recommended to use Norton Products because they raise warning whenever they come across any suspicious activity with the help of open-source technology.

Signs that indicate your system are infected:

  • When your CPU and GPU consumes more space than usual
  • When your system starts to overheat
  • When you face frequent crashes
  • When the response time slows down
  • Whenever you come across with an unusual activity

Run LiveUpdate to troubleshoot coinminer malware

  1. Start your Norton.
  2. Click “Open”, when you see My Norton window that appears next to Device Security button.
  3. Now tap “security” and double-click on it.
  4. Tap “LiveUpdate”.
  5. Tap “OK” when the Norton LiveUpdate program stops.
  6. Restart your computer after closing all the programs running in the background.

You can also sideline this malware by taking precautions well in advance. Download Norton security products that detect malicious activities or get help from Norton experts via that are available to assist you whenever you fall prey to cybercrimes.

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