Tips and Tricks to Outsmart Your Fellow Gamers in Fortnite

Released on September 26, 2017, Fortnite is a Battle Royale game where 100 players are placed on a giant map with a storm that slowly closes in on the players. They are forced to fight it out till there is an ultimate victor or in other words, “the last man standing” wins the game.

The goal of the game is to win the shiny victory royale. The golden Victory Royale signifies that you’re the one player/team that defeated all the other players and the last man/team standing. The win is the ultimate symbol of beating other players, which can prove to be a challenging task (obviously?!).

Here are some tips and strategies to achieve the same-


•    Know Your Map

Since you’ll be spending most of your game playtime on this map, it’s better if you get to know it well. The ultimate goal of each location is to provide loot, i.e., your weapons and healing items, which are essential to winning the game. If you know the map well, you’ll be able to pick out a promising spot which will give you ample breathing time and a good amount of loot.

•    Know Your Weapons

Fortnite’s loot pool includes eight unique items that come in different rarities. Higher the rarity, the less bloom and the higher the damage it does. Usually found hiding in basements or attics, so be prepared to break stuff to find them.

1.    Common- Grey

2.    Uncommon- Green

3.    Rare- Blue

4.    Epic- Purple

5.    Legendary- Orange

Knowing which weapon to pick owing to the need of the situation can be of great advantage to a user.

•    Healing and Shield Items Are A Must

It is completely essential to carry health and shield items as you’re most likely going to be damaged in all of your fights or close combats. Out of 5 inventory slots, at least 1-2 slots should be filled with these items.

If you’re out of health and shield items, you can go fishing (quite literally). It is extremely efficient timewise as it takes 1 second to use and can be found in different rarities.

•    Build Efficiently for An Added Advantage

One great thing with Fortnite is that you can interact with almost anything. The building can be performed with materials like wood metal, etc., which can be found by using a pickaxe to destroy anything ranging from fences to cars and more. The structure you build can be the key to your victory. It is recommended that the players build vertically as the advantage of height will serve a dual purpose. The first is staying in cover from the enemy on the ground and the second one being- making sniping a cakewalk.

•    Build for defense

Panic Building is something that players practice in the game to protect themselves from incoming fire instead of running for cover. It is an extremely effective technique as the material absorbs the damage caused and gives you time to plan your next move.

•    Take cover whenever possible

Running cross country across the map without taking cover for whatever reason would not be a good idea for anyone who’s in it to win it. Being in open spaces will make you vulnerable and an easy target. So, whenever you decide to go for a supply run, don’t forget to take cover!

•    Lying Low Doesn’t Make You A Coward

The crouch button can be used strategically to take on targets. It is the best way to go into stealth mode, i.e., it’s going to keep you slow and quiet, so you don’t draw too much attention to yourself. Any upper hand can prove to be useful in the game.

•   Using Headphones Can Prove to Be An Asset

Game sound awareness can help get you out of messy situations. Audio cues can be used to figure out your enemy’s position so you can place your crosshair properly and get the jump on them before they do. The volume of the footsteps increases as a player approaches, which can be missed if there’s background noise, and you’re without headphones. Along with other benefits, headphones also facilitate a premium experience while playing the game.

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