Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Cards for Almost Their Value



Do you have unused or unwanted gift cards? Perhaps you got them as gifts, or maybe you got them for free from businesses you don’t support or no longer shop from. The good news is that you can trade them for cash via the best gift card trading app, which lets you sell them for almost their value.


Unredeemed gift cards can be sold through the right platforms. You just need to find a reliable and secure platform that lets you sell them quickly at competitive rates. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you with that.


Verify the app’s credibility

Find out who made the app and verify if it’s from a local business holding a valid and registered address in Nigeria. Make sure it has a proven track record of helping users sell unwanted or unredeemed gift cards for Naira. The app must be easy to use and lets you sell gift cards to Naira in just a few taps.


The best gift card trading app in Nigeria these days is Quchange. It’s available in the App Store and Google Play, so you’re guaranteed that it’s secure, up-to-date, and legit. This reputable gift card trading app accepts many cards, including eBay, Sephora, Steam, American Express, Vanilla Visa, Nordstrom, Best Buy, and Amazon.


Check the rates

Find out how much you can get from selling your gift card through your chosen platform. Reputable service providers post up-to-date gift card rates to help you make informed decisions. Keep in mind that you won’t get the exact value of the gift card in Naira, but it should be close to its original value. Try to compare rates between different trading apps to find the most competitive offers.


Ensure quick payouts

The trading speed will depend on the card you’re selling, but it should be completed almost instantly. You shouldn’t have to wait for hours, days, weeks, or months to get your money when you use the best gift card trading app.


Sell at the right time.

Gift card rates may change frequently, so be on the lookout for better numbers that could help you earn more money when you trade. Most gift cards don’t expire, so you can afford to wait longer when necessary.


About the Author:  This article is written by Damilola from Quchange. Quchange is the best and most secure trading company, where you can sell/exchange your gift cards which you have won and get instant Cash/Naira. Trading is made easier with Quchange, as it offers a wide range of gift cards to exchange for cash. Join our community of more than 40k satisfied customers and begin your trading journey with us. Download our app for seamless trade, with instant payment on your account.


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