Tips for Choosing Prom Dress At Any Function

A dress code can limit the choice of a prom dress, or it can be free. In the second case, various styles, colours, fabrics, and original design solutions open up before graduating.

Advantages of prom dress

  • Colour side: black or fluorescent colours, it’s up to you to judge! As for the models that are not recommended, these dresses are too tight, which will accentuate your skinny silhouette.
  • Maxi dresses will give the image of femininity and chic. It is not for nothing that chiffon has not gone out of fashion for many years because such a light, slightly transparent fabric is best for young graduates.
  • The form-fitting silhouette is suitable for those who want to emphasize the feminine curves of their body, but it is worth remembering that this is exactly the school prom.
  • Even a fully closed tight dress can look vulgar, so you should be careful with this style. The “godet” style is suitable for those who like both options – a narrow dress that expands from the knee to the bottom.

Prom dress is comfortable in every sense. They do not restrict movement, it is difficult to overdo it with solemnity in a short dress, and there are plenty of reasons to wear an elegant mini in life, so it will not gather dust in your closet idle. If both the long and short version appeals to you, choose a dress with a train – short in front and long in the back.

The short length of the dress does not limit design decisions. The dress can be tight-fitting, loose, with an open back or shoulders, Lurex or sequins, chiffon, boucle, knitwear, crepe de chine, velvet, and other fabrics. And the cut and its features are a separate issue. For elegant prudes, concise options are suitable. Its restraint opens up a wide scope for choosing bright accessories. A dress with frills will make the image gentle and light. In addition, it will visually increase the bust. A free mini will hide a couple of extra pounds without restricting movement.

Different shapes of dress

Dresses with an asymmetrical cut are fresh, original, and not boring. An asymmetrical evening dress is a vivid example. A discreet off-the-shoulder top and a flowy skirt with a slit underneath a narrow dress is another option for those who have not decided on the length. A discreet alternative is a one-shoulder velvet short dress.

Do not be shy to wear such outfits, but know the main thing – such a dress is the main accessory. Shoes, jewellery, hair, and even makeup should not be done in the same “flashy.” The only thing that can shine beside the dress is your eyes. Well, a clutch, bright as a dress, does not hurt.

Since a graduate’s worst dream is to be like everyone else, and even worse – to meet a classmate in the same dress at the ball, the originality and uniqueness of the dress are not the last among the criteria that a girl is guided by when choosing a festive outfit. Another secret of originality is a unique print. Not everyone dares to wear a dress with a large floral print, and even to the floor, but the image will win. The scheme of action with accessories is the same as in the case of shiny dresses.

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