Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Paint Colours


When it comes to business, first impressions are crucial as it will set the tone for your future business relationship with your clients and customers and shows that you are professional. That said, a commercial building’s aesthetic appearance plays a significant role in creating the best first impressions on your clients and customers. That’s why businesses of all sizes spend more money and time decorating their commercial space’s interior and exterior. Whether you are repainting your office or building a new one, the right colours can make all the difference. To help you choose the right shade for your property, we, commercial painters Sydney, some tips, and here are they:-

Target audience

Often, a prospective client makes up his or her mind about your company even before meeting you or setting foot inside the office. Apart from your logo and office decors, the colour of the exterior walls of your commercial property can make an impression in the minds of prospective customers. It is of utmost importance to get the proper and professional message across and the right colours can help you convey the message you are trying to convey.

The age group of your prospective customers is a good determinant to choose the right colour. While seniors love soothing and neutral shades, youngsters are attracted towards bright hues. It is a good idea to get the colour consultation from commercial painting contractors Sydney before painting purchasing the paint.

Consider colour psychology

It is proven that colours have the ability to influence mood. Different colours have different association with human feelings and have different effects on the mind. While yellow is associated with optimism, blue represents stability. Hence, it is important to choose the right shades that signify your business and convey a strong message.

Choose light colours

Select light hues to make your logo and signage to stand out and be clearly visible to passers-by and targeted audience. On the other hand, dark colours have the opposite effect. You would want your clients and customers to see your logo clearly, and light shades can help achieve it. However, it depends on the design and colour of your logo as well. If the logo is in a light shade, go for bold colours. In general, light shades give a professional look than darker hues.

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