Tips for Decorating and Remodelling from a Top Interior Designer

An interior designer is someone who plans, analyses, coordinates, and manages the interior design projects ranging from how to display objects from travels, what to choose when buying furniture, and the type of paints that would work in a specific room. Interior designing is an art and science in which the top interior designer Gurgaon are well-versed.

Here are the tips suggested by a top interior designer for decorating and remodelling:

1. Determine Your Style

How would you like your space to feel and look? All you have to do is take a look at your closet. Do you like tailored clothes or prefer looser and comfortable items? Do you look closely into the colours and patterns? Think of keywords that will define your space.

Take note of the inspirations for design in every phase of life. Once you have recognised your style, it will become easy for you to go with the selection of things for your space.

2. Figure Out What You Don’t Like

It is a lot more comfortable for people to verbalise what they do not like. By putting dislikes into the equalisation, we can exclude some things and narrow in on others. For example, a bold, large-scale print might recall you of something in your childhood that you do not want to view in your own space. Or a wingback chair might bring back remembrances of being sent to time-outs for pulling your sister’s hair. Moreover, a specific colour might excite feelings of a past design trend that you aren’t keen to repeat. These memories and emotions are very personal and individual, but also determine our tastes.

3. Build Around Your Space

Space planning, which affects scale, is necessary. People usually use furniture that is too large or too small for space. Build around the furniture that you really have space for. Consider the balance of a space. For larger rooms, think establishing zones for various activities: a seating area that is favourable for the conversation; another area for television viewing; a work area with a desk or table for projects or games. Keep in mind the visible weight and distribution to balance the space. Balance and scale are vital to any design.

4. Mix High and Low Price Points

Pedigree doesn’t certainly mean better (whether it be art, furniture or dogs). Think of an “unknown” artist or designer and purchase based on appearance, comfort and how the art and furniture work for you and your requirements. The most common objects can have the most soul and be the most impressive thing in a room. Do not be hesitant to mix high and low price details. Not everything must be expensive to be significant. The opposite can be said with celebrating on something that you truly love.

Hopefully, these tips will be helpful for you in decorating or remodelling your space. Consider them all and get a beautiful surrounding!

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