Tips for Designing the Best Digital Menu Boards

The importance of digital menu display used as menu boards for restaurants and other food services establishments cannot be overemphasized, as it is of great benefit to both the customer and the food service establishment. For the customers, a digital menu board provides a better experience while for the establishment; it allows changing the product displayed easily, and have better pricing.

The first and the most important thing to note if you want to make the best digital menu board is creating a mind-blowing content. How productive or not your menu board will be is dependent mostly on the content. It literally doesn’t matter what kind of digital menu board software or screen you use, without a tantalizing and appetizing content, your digital menu board will not serve its purpose.

That is why we have put together some tips that will be useful for content creation, software, and templates to aid the process without you having any experience before. Here are some tips to creating your menu board content;

•    Set Up A Digital Menu Board Strategy

For you to attain success in creating a digital menu board content, it is important to have a strategy in place. You are probably wondering at this point what I mean by strategy and how you can set them. Setting a strategy is easy if you answer a few important questions that will help you stay focused while creating your strategy. The questions are

Who is your customer? Where will the boards be located? Will the screen be landscape or portrait? And other related questions.

•    Create A Template

Templates are very useful when it comes to designing a digital menu board from scratch. Templates help in determining the format and spacing that works best on the screen, with or without a design team.

•    Create the Menu Board as A Reflection of Your Brand

When creating your content, always stay true to your brand, thinking about the font of your content, the color (this should be in line with the color of the restaurant), and the type of images to be used. It is only appropriate to have content that is not overcrowded as is well spaced. This is because customers will see the board across the room, remember they will have no chance to scroll or make changes on the board, so it must be in a way that is easy to read and help the decision-making process.

•    Make Your Design an Engaging One

You don’t want your customers getting bored with your digital menu board design just at the sight of it. Therefore you must design it in an engaging format, by adding rotating graphics, animations, information like news, and other engaging activities depending on your audience.

•    Digital Menu Board Software

Now that you can create a well organized and engaging content, the next procedure is to get your content up on the screen, and the digital menu board software does this.

•    Stand Back and Take A Look at Your Menu Board As A Customer

Now that you have created a mind-blowing content and placed it on screen, the next and last thing is to stand by and take a long look at it, outing yourself in the shoes of your customers. Try and figure out all errors and make sure all items are in order of priority. Take quality time t review before publishing.

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