Tips for Getting the Most Compensation Possible from a Car Accident

Before you feel the need to get the help of car accident lawyers in Lancaster PA for a recent accident, there are many ways that you can try to handle things on your own first for similar results. Let’s go ahead and break down some tips prepared by the folks at Georgelis Injury Law Firm for getting the most compensation from a car accident.

Have Good Documentation 

Whether you talk to Lancaster car accident lawyers or the insurance company directly, one thing that will be needed is good documentation. This includes information of all parties, license plate numbers, accurate records of the crash, license plate numbers, and so on.

Initiate the Claim As Soon As Possible

In order to set yourself up for success with your insurance company, it’s best to call and file a claim as soon as possible. Usually, this will be done the night of or the following day after your accident. Otherwise, it will be easy for trust issues to get in the way while negotiating with the claims agent. You need to be honest, straightforward, and prompt.

Know What You Will Settle For

Before you ever start negotiating with the claims agent for your vehicle and other necessary compensations, it’s important that you know the minimum of what you will settle for. Have receipts ready, quotes from the mechanic, and the total value of your car.

Don’t Accept the First Offer

Without basic information on the expenses you need covered, you will be much more likely to jump on a lowball offer that doesn’t fully cover everything. In addition, insurance claims agents will often lowball you on the first offer. In 99% of cases, you should not accept the first offer given to you by your insurance company.

Need Help Negotiating with Your Insurance Company? 

If you want to get the help of the top Lancaster car accident lawyers to help you get the most possible compensation for your car accident, call Georgelis Injury Law Firm. They can help you negotiate with the insurance company directly and get every cent that you are entitled to.

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