Tips for Handling Acute Pain at Home

People trying to find a great low back pain doctor near themselves are often only suffering from acute pain that can be managed at home. The good news is that you should be able to avoid major treatments if you take proper steps from home. Below, the folks from Performance Pain have some tips for you to consider while treating your acute pain from home.

1. Rest the Affected Body Part

The first thing that you will need to do while treating your acute pain is to not use the affected body part as much as possible. If your ankle is where the pain is coming from, then stay off it for a while! If you work your injured body part too much, then you will only contribute to potentially making things worse.

2. Use Ice for Inflammation

One of the best ways to control inflammation from acute pain is to use ice. If your affected area is experiencing high levels of inflammation, try to ice it for 15-20 minutes two to three times a day.

3. Monitor Progress

As you are staying off the affected area, you are letting it heal on its own. During this time, be sure to monitor the progress and ensure that it is getting better. If you don’t notice quick results, then you might have a chronic pain condition that needs professional help!

4. Search Your Symptoms Online

Before you go and see a doctor, one of the things that you should consider doing is trying to figure out what is going on by yourself. To do this, you should search for your symptoms online. This might also give you some better insight as to what is going on and how to treat yourself.

5. Seek Out Help When Needed

If you find yourself not knowing how to handle the issue, and you have waited a long period of time longer than 12 weeks you should consider seeking out help. There are pain doctors like the ones at Performance Pain that can help you naturally get your pain in check without resorting to surgery or pain medication!

Think You Need Professional Help for Your Pain?

If you have started searching around for pain management doctors near me then be sure to check out Performance Pain. We have free consultations for first-time clients and can help you recover from all sorts of pain. In most cases, we help our patients avoid surgery.

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