Tips For Maintenance and Taking Care of Air-Cooled Industrial Chiller

Many industrial processes rely on various ventilation and temperature-regulating solutions to dissipate heat as quickly as possible to prevent defects in product quality and avoid damaging sensitive equipment. The air-cooled industrial chiller is an essential heat exchange machine that helps eliminate high temperatures. It’s a significant investment, so you must know the best ways to maintain and care for it.

Proper maintenance and care can reduce the need for repairs, servicing, and parts replacement while ensuring a longer operational lifespan, which could translate to long-term savings. Following are some tips to help you with that.

Check with the manufacturer.

Your air-cooled industrial chiller likely came with an operations manual from the manufacturer. Always refer to it for general maintenance and care instructions. Not every chiller is the same, so the maintenance checklist for air-cooled industrial chillers will differ from water-cooled chillers.

Perform routine checks regularly

High-quality and modern refrigeration systems may guarantee a low failure rate, but they still require regular checks and maintenance. Check the equipment before and after a day’s work and look for any signs indicating damage or poor performance while running. Regular checks and maintenance can ensure a longer service life for your equipment. Here are the things you should check:

  • Cooling oils: Look for distorted fins or signs of corrosion. Inspect for kinking, blockage, or leaks.
  • Condenser fan: Focus on the bearings and check for poor lubrication and wear. Check belts and couplings and adjust them when necessary.
  • Return air dampers: Ensure optimal operation. Calibrate for bear alignment and lubrication when necessary.
  • Fresh air dampers: Inspect for any problems.

Use only as intended.

An air-cooled industrial chiller may be flexible with a wide application range, but avoid using it outside its intended applications.

Don’t forget to check the electric and digital parts.

The smart microprocessor controller offers precise temperature control and comprehensive monitoring, with an audible alarm for running failure and text display. So, ensure it’s working accurately.

Maintain daily logs

Keeping a record of daily operating conditions, temperatures, pressures, flow rate, and fluid levels can help predict the likelihood of issues with the chiller. It can also help you set a maintenance schedule to keep the equipment in good shape.

Use the built-in hydronic module.

The unit combines a large-flow circulation pump and buffer tank to simplify use. Outlet and inlet water bypass valves will adjust the water pressure as needed. The air-cooled industrial chiller has a water tank sight glass that lets you check the water quality and level at a glance.

About the Company:

Senho Machinery (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is one of the top industrial chiller and process cooling equipment manufacturers. Started in 2008 in Shenzhen, China, this company has assisted several industries with their process cooling and central factory-wide cooling needs using their state-of-the-art industrial chillers.

Some of the variants of chillers they manufacture and sell are screw and scroll chillers, glycol chillers, brine chillers, central chillers, process chillers, cooling towers, water pumps, water tanks, and much more. These chillers are manufactured by earnest and dedicated people who have decades of experience in industrial cooling. Both air-cooled and water-cooled variants of chillers are available.


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