Tips For Managing Marriage Finances

Marriages in India are grand, extravagant and nothing less than a dream come true. Families go beyond their capabilities to make the arrangements and turn the wedding day into a special one. From perfect venues to branded outfits, the Indian bride and groom look picture perfect! A wedding is one of the most awaited moments in an individual’s life. While it is difficult to anticipate the exact cost of the wedding, one needs to manage the marriage expenses well. An Indian wedding is always an expensive fat one, with years of savings and an instant personal loan involved. One needs to manage and make the right use of money at a wedding. If you are planning for a wedding make sure you have a budget and manage your expenses without being too heavy on your pockets. The right financial planning helps in making your wedding special, dreamy and affordable!

  • A budget: Draft a wedding budget that exists only for some days. This budget has all the expenses related to your wedding. An Indian wedding is grand and lengthy. There are various rituals, ceremonies, and occasions. To start with the budget, make sure you divide the small and big expenses separately. The main hassle is with the big expenses because the small ones are do-follow. It is safe and great to start with the big ones so that the burden is less. The big-ticket expenses are catering services, venue, jewelry, and gifts. While the smaller ones are decoration, outfits, and ceremonies where the elderly would always put a limitation.
  • Keep your guest lists short: Short and precise, invite the ones you love and close to you. There is absolutely no need to increase the venue cost and the food plate cost by inviting people you have not seen in the last few years. It is always a good idea to keep your wedding a special and cozy one. This will help in cost-cutting and you can actually save a lot on the catering services.
  • Venue cost: Cut down on the marvelous and high-end wedding venues as a cozy ground or a friend’s villa can be a spacious and special one. A wedding should be more focused on a natural setting with some amazing garlands and décor and the attraction should be the bride and groom. Cut down the venue cost as they would charge you more than your salary for just a few hours.
  • Take an instant personal loan: A wedding plan starts since a child crosses his teenage phase in India. For girls, it is more early. However, expenses in a wedding always come up at the last minute and you seem to feel all lost and everything goes in vain. In such a situation, an instant personal loan is helpful. It is affordable, instantly available, and flexible to use for anything that you need. Do not borrow from any friend or family, just visit the Clix Capital website and get an instant personal loan.
  • Cut down on decoration: An Indian wedding is beautiful. It does not need too much decoration when the bride and groom look so amazing. The amazing laughter of families and happiness around itself shines in the venue. Keep it simple and make yourself financially stable.

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Finishing up

A personal loan for a wedding is a common practice in India. Something always comes up amidst the wedding ceremony due to the large involvement of the fund. If you manage your wedding cost in the right order there will be no need for an instant personal loan.

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