Tips for Painting Woodwork


A fresh coat of paint can help transform your old wood into a beautiful piece. However, painting wood is not as easy as it seems to be. While the methods are the same, the techniques to paint on wood differ. For many, painting wood appears to be a foolproof project. Yes, people tend to rush the job that results in poor finishing. Learning the techniques of painting in wood surfaces is not difficult, but it does take some practice. Within just a few hours of dedication, you can transform yourself from an amateur weekend painter to a professional-quality painter. That said, it is always a good idea to hire painters Sydney for a high-quality painting job and achieve the desired results.

Here are a few tips for painting wood:-


Cleaning the paint surface is a crucial step when it comes to a painting job. In fact, cleaning plays a significant role in house painting Sydney as it helps to remove dirt and dust and even tiny soot and grimes. The specks on wooden furniture or boards can reduce the adhesion between the paint and the surface. That is why cleansing the wood surface is essential before painting. Powder cleaners are effective as it removes the grimes with greater accuracy and it is available in all the paint shops.

Sanding and stripping

Once you are done with the cleaning, sanding and stripping is the next step. Sanding is the process of removing scratches on the corner and joints of the furniture. Sanding helps to make the wooden surface even and grab the paint easily. Existing paint should be removed, and this process is called stripping.

Test the adhesion

Once you are done with the sanding and stripping, check the adhesion quality on the wooden surface. In order to do this, you need to apply primers on the surface. When the primers dry on the wood, check and ensure it adheres to the surface perfectly, more importantly, without any bubble formations.

Disassemble your furniture

In case if you are painting the furniture, make sure to dismantle them completely. However, some wooden pieces could be hard to dismantle. In such a case, remove the joints that are connected by the screws and store them safely. Doing so could let you paint in every joint and corner of your wooden furniture.

Apply the coat

Now that you have prepared the surface to paint, it’s time to apply the first and second coats. Always begin your painting process with a minimal amount of paint to prevent from dripping and staining the floors and other areas. Apply the right techniques to paint the wood and achieve the desired finish. Let the first coat of paint dry for at least an hour, and then apply the second coat.

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