Tips for picking the right grey shade for your walls!


If you dream of the perfect shade of grey but are overwhelmed with the watches, you are not alone. Grey is one of the most popularly used to paint colours for home interiors and the toughest shades to choose from. The bad news is there is no one perfect shade of grey for every room. To talk reality, your selection of grey will depend on the lighting in the room, the colour that surrounds it, and your personal preference. Here are some tips from experts at painting services Pymble on how to pick the perfect grey shade for your home interior, so you don’t find yourself covered in the fifty shades of indecision.

Know your undertone:

Oddly enough, grey is a bit of camouflage colour. If it is up against a red background, it can look green, and if seen near a mustard background, it will look purple.

To find the perfect shade of grey, the first thing you should do is take a look at the room’s colour schemes and furniture. If it is a brand new room, consider the textiles you plan to decorate the space. Are they warm or cool undertones?

Warm undertones such as orange, brown, red, taupe, and yellow must be complemented by a grey with warm undertones like beige or tan.

On the other hand, cooler undertones like purples, blues, and greens are best suited for grey paint with cooler undertones. Knowledgeable Painters Pymble can help you find the perfect shade of grey with whichever undertone you prefer.


No matter what grey shade you choose, it will look different in artificial light than in natural light. Consider when and where you spend most times of your day at your home. If it is during the day, you might want to test your colour in the natural light. If you are a night owl or is thinking of a grey shade for your bedroom, test it under artificial lighting to get the most desired feel and look.

To pick the right shade of grey, here are a few more questions to ask yourself:

Which directions do your windows face? South-facing rooms get more sun and so work well with cooler greys. North facing rooms doesn’t get much natural light, so if you choose grey paint with warm undertones, the whole room will feel a bit warmer.

What kind of lighting do you use?

Warm or soft white bulbs produce warm undertones. Cool and bright white bulbs produce neutral light and even have a slight blue tint, bringing out cooler undertones.

Test your chosen shade in the room:

Once you have narrowed your options to a few of your favourite shades, grab some samples from the suppliers and paint a small section of the wall with both the cool and warm grey undertones to see how each reacts to the lighting of the room before making your final decision. You can also check by painting a small section of the drywall, which will prevent you from covering a few paint colours on the wall once you have decided on the right shade. If this seems totally new, to make it simple for you, contact the best house painters Pymble, now, for they will help you choose the right shade of grey for your house.

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