Tips for Preparing Your Preschooler for the First Day of School


The first day of school can be one of the most exciting or most terrifying days of your child’s life, depending on whether or not your child is prepared to go. If you want to ensure that your child enjoys his or her first day of preschool, follow these tips for preparing your Dee Why children’s centre for the first day of school so he or she will be ready and excited about this important transition.

Create a Transition Routine

When it comes to getting your pre-schooler ready for child care centres Dee Why, it’s important to start building good habits early. That means creating a transition routine that helps your child get used to and enjoy going to school. Start by giving them a short introduction to the day ahead, like it’s time for breakfast! Or let’s get dressed! Then move on through breakfast, morning chores, lunchtime and homework with a positive outlook and loving support. Finally, wind down with some fun activities before bedtime.

Meet the Teachers Beforehand

It’s important to meet your child’s teacher at the child care Dee Why as soon as possible. This will give them a chance to get to know you and your child and it also gives you a chance to ask any questions about the school or his teacher. It’ll also help him feel more comfortable when he comes back from summer break on that first day.

Prepare Them for Changes in the Classroom

It may be helpful to let your pre-schooler know that things will be different at school, but also reassure them that they’ll still have a lot of fun. The first day can be overwhelming, so make sure they know they’re not in trouble if they don’t understand what’s going on. It’s ok to have questions and talk to their teacher about anything they’re unsure of.

Give Yourself Time to Get Ready

If you have a pre-schooler, you are probably counting down to their first day of school. Even if they are excited and ready to go, it is important to take some time on the morning of their first day to make sure everything is set up and ready for them. Make sure your child is well rested. It can be tempting on a busy morning to just get your little one out the door as soon as possible.

Make sure you have confidence in your child and their abilities as they head off to school. It’s natural to be nervous, but you can help by telling them how much you believe in them and that they will succeed. Encourage them with a positive attitude!

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