Tips For Removing Snow From Solar Panel

Is it necessary to remove snow from solar panels? Snowfall in New York is very unpredictable. In the following article, you will learn what to do if you have a solar panel and you have snow on your roof.

Removing Snow From Solar Panel

Should Snow Always Be Removed From Solar Panels?

First of all, it should be noted that snow removal is usually not necessary. In New York, the snow cover on the roof is not very thick and in most cases will melt the next day. 

In addition, homeowners with a slope of at least 30-40 degrees usually do not have to worry. Whereas here, the snow usually disappears on its own within a few days.

Finally, it should be noted that the loss of efficiency is usually not significant and is not a reason to regularly clean the solar system of snow. 

What Are The Options In Case Snow Falls On The Solar Panel?


Sit on the snow. This option is preferred by residents of flat areas where snow usually melts the next day.

With A Broom On The Roof

Remember to choose a soft-bristled broom to clean your solar panels so as not to scratch the surface. It is important to always keep a few meters away from the house when shoveling snow, and not directly under the edge of the roof.

Choosing Salt For Roofing

Screw or nail a triangle to the front of the roof salt to prevent the panels from scratching and snow from blowing off the floor or skylight. This option works but is not very convenient.

Snow Removal

If there is an option to install a fan with tubes to extend the reach of the solar panel, this can be a good solution for removing up to one to two inches of snow. However, if the snowfall is heavy and the panels are covered with more than a few inches of snow, this method is not very effective. In this case, use a long scraper.

Increasing The Temperature

You can also use a hair dryer to melt snow and ice on solar panels. This is particularly useful as it avoids damage from physical contact with a shovel or snow sweeper. This method is very effective in melting snow and ice on solar panels without damaging them.

Hire An Expert

It’s a small investment, but if the situation is serious, there are snow removal services available that know how to remove snow from rooftop solar panels. Trust professionals with the right tools to remove snow without damaging the panels.

If you plan to remove snow from your solar panels, you should do so as much as possible in a way that does not endanger your health and does not damage the panels. Some solar panels have very long telescopic rods that can be fitted with a suction device. The advantage of this snow removal option is obvious: no need to climb on the roof and snow can be easily removed from under the solar panels. 

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