Tips for Selecting the Right Dispatch Center Console Furniture

The police dispatch center is probably one of the busiest places in the country. Hundreds of civilians call in to 911 with reports about crime, abuse, and other emergencies. Therefore, the dispatch center is always bustling with activity. The busy environment means furniture and equipment need to be well installed and comfortable. An organized room prevents accidents and cable emergencies. Below are a few tips you can integrate when designing or purchasing dispatch center console furniture.

  1. Choose a reliable supplier.

Modern console furniture incorporates different designs that enhance efficiency and pay attention to ergonomics. Therefore, you need to select a supplier who is familiar with modern technology. The supplier should have enough experience in the field of manufacturing console furniture. You can ask around or read customer reviews to verify their validity. It ensures that you get quality material from a reputable company. Americon has been a leading console manufacturer for over four decades. Apart from 911 console furniture, the service call centers, control rooms, fire dispatch centers, and emergency management.

  1. Choice of colors

Many 911 call centers have a primary color theme for the entire space. Some centers are plain white, and others choose to go with a shade of blue. Before you settle on console furniture design, ask the employees to give you theme color ideas that you can choose from. These theme colors can enhance the mood, convey information, or influence decisions about furniture selection. Your console furniture should blend with the colors in the dispatch center.

  1. Consider the ergonomics

Good ergonomics can enhance the long-term health of your employees. The 911 dispatchers should sit upright, adjust their seats, and have enough back and armrest. These adjustments help to reduce fatigue and body aches, which lower the concentration level. Therefore, consider these console furniture adjustments before making a purchase.

  • Monitor height
  • Surface height
  • Peripheral control
  • Focal depth
  • Spacious space for the feet under the console
  • Enough room for cable connections

These adjustments will ensure efficiency and increase productivity. Dispatchers spend hours in these rooms; hence, the need for comfortable and flexible furniture.

  1. Technology integration

Technological advancements are taking over various professional sectors. In recent times, many companies are incorporating digital tools to enhance the workflow and introduce seamless transitions. The 911 dispatch center is among the top sectors that could use technological advancements. Modern console furniture, such as the Slatwall binder shelf, integrated CPU cabinets, backmount equipment exposure, tilt-n-plug, and built-in keyboard trays enhance tidiness and ensure you have enough room to store all the equipment. Americon manufactures these enhanced consoles for the modern dispatcher.

  1. Use an interior designer.

If you are not well-versed in design and figuring out the right console furniture, you can hire an interior designer. Interior designers have vast knowledge and experience. They can help you pick the best theme color and furniture design to turn your dispatch space into an attractive workspace. Space can motivate the employees to enjoy their time at the office.

Regardless of your profession, a serene work environment can encourage you to be more productive and enhance your mood. Americon manufactures custom console furniture that can suit your style and convey accurate information.

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