Tips for Throwing Your Own Housewarming Party

Moving into a new house is hectic, but when the boxes are unpacked and the lawn is mowed, it’s time to celebrate your new space with a housewarming party. The housewarming party tradition has been around a long time, descended from the pre-central heating days when people would bring firewood as a literal “warming” gift.

4Housewarming parties are relatively casual, but it’s a good idea to plan out some details to set yourself up for a low-stress party. Here are a few tips for throwing a memorable housewarming party to welcome your friends and family into your new home. And unless you have a fireplace, guests don’t have to bring the wood!

Planning a Housewarming Party Guest List

If the idea is to expand your social circle and get off on the right foot with new neighbors, you’ll want to make sure to include them on your guest list. Some of them could end up being your new best friends. You’ll also want to invite your current friends and family members because you know they are just dying to see how your new house is coming along. It’s completely up to you who you want to invite, though, including friends of friends and coworkers. It’s a good idea to start with the maximum number of people you feel comfortable inviting, to avoid the guest list becoming too busy.

Preparing the Invite

Whether you send an e-vite or get party invitations printed, your wording choice sets the tone for what guests can expect. Let them know what type of party you are planning. Is it a sit-down dinner? A potluck? A barbecue? Will there be lawn games? Unless you specify not to bring gifts in your invitation, guests will likely bring housewarming gifts as it’s a customary way to congratulate you on the new home. Most guests, especially closest friends and family, will typically bring a gift as a welcoming token.

Choosing How Much to Decorate

The informal nature of housewarming parties doesn’t require you to go all out on decorating, but there are a few festive things you can do to signify a celebratory occasion. Tie balloons to your mailbox if it’s on the street, for example. Buy fresh flowers and put them in vases on the kitchen counter and dining room table. String some party lights on your patio or even in the guest bathroom.

Most Importantly, Have Fun and Socialize

You want everyone to feel like they are a part of a fun event, so be social and relaxed with your guests. Offer to tour them around the house without getting bogged down in uninteresting details. As people leave the party, thank them for coming and hand out party favors such as homemade treats, a jar of popcorn, or a fancy Italian soda. For those you are super close to or who helped you move, think about a more meaningful gift. Browse some gift for best friend ideas, including anything from artistic heart mugs, heart tea towels, or wall art with an inspirational phrase.


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