Tips for Waking up with Back Pain

Many of those seeking a chiropractor in Lincoln NE will need to first deal with pain on their own before the time for their appointment comes. Often times, the worst part of this experience is when you first wake up to high levels of pain in your back. Below, the folks from NuSpine Chiropractic have some ideas for you to consider while waiting for your appointment.

1. Bend Over & Touch Your Toes

Bending over and touching your toes will help straight out any kinks in your spine that can be easily fixed. Simply bend over and try to touch your toes. If you are not able to touch your toes, go down as far as your back will let you without hurting yourself or forcing anything.

2. Sit Down and Touch Your Toes

Once you get done touching your toes while standing up, another great way to continue the good work you just did is by sitting down and doing the same thing. Any spots that may have been missed while standing up may be to experience relief in this position.

3. Stretch the Top & Bottom Portions

The idea here is that you want to stretch as many portions of your back as possible before you go in and have your back professionally adjusted. When stretching maneuver your position of force to target as much of your back as possible!

4. Lie Down & Rest

Sometimes back pain is simply too difficult to manage with the above techniques. Even doing so may leave you with a high level of pain that makes it difficult for you to work and be productive. Don’t overwork yourself!

5. Call a Chiropractor!

Once you have done some of the basic techniques mentioned above, the next best thing you can do is get your chiropractor on the line. Especially if you don’t experience the relief you need to continue on with your daily routine!

Trying to Find a Great Chiropractor?

If you want to find a great Lincoln NE chiropractor then be sure to check out NuSpine Chiropractic. This is a high-quality clinic that can help you experience the quick relief that you need. First-time customers get a special rate. Be sure to call us today to get rid of your back pain!

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