Tips for washing bed sheets:

Think about how much you like to snuggle at night in bed with your sheets. Soft, with a good smell, freshly ironed and with a pleasant texture for our skin. Although sometimes we forget, the sheets are a very important part to fall asleep at first and not have to count sheep.

Here in the following article, we will learn with Laundry near me various tips for washing bed sheets at home.

Wash the sheets frequently:

That is why it is very important to wash the sheets frequently. Laundry near me experts recommend doing laundry with sheets once a week, or every 15 days maximum. Not only to sleep in good conditions but not to be in contact with the mites and bacteria that accumulate over the nights. This is because our skin, even after showering, gives off remains of dead skin, and in the environment, mites and allergens are always present.

So important is to change them every one or two weeks, such as washing them with a suitable program and temperature.

What temperature is adequate to wash the sheets?

Usually, the sheets do not have difficult stains but it is important to wash them with warm or warm water, between 40 and 60 degrees C. In this way the bacteria, the mites are eliminated and the remains of dirt disappear. We also recommend that before putting laundry, check the labels because they may require special care. In this way, your sheets will continue as new wash after wash.

What washing machine program do I choose?

Select a program suitable for the fabric of the sheets. Normally they are usually made of cotton, so by selecting the “cotton” program and a temperature of 60 degrees C, the sheets will be completely clean. If your composition is more delicate fabrics, choose a special program in order to avoid damaging the fibers.

How much detergent do I put in each wash?

Try to adjust the amount of detergent to the load. Do not add more to the bill because the washing machine will need additional rinsing, and there may be some detergent residue that will make the sheets not so soft.

Can I put a laundry with sheets and other clothes?

Our recommendation is that, as the sheets take up enough space, wash them alone and do not put other clothes in the laundry. For a good washing result, it is necessary that there is space in the washing machine for the clothes to move freely.

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