Tips for washing white clothes in the washing machine:

For many people, white clothes are a big problem due to the great ease that these garments have to lose their real color, either by washing or by the passage of time.

For white garments to retain their original white and remain impeccable, it is very important to follow a series of recommendations when washing them.

Next, Laundry service will give you a series of tips before washing and during washing how to wash your white clothes:

– The first advice seems logical, but many people still do not carry it out or carry it out in half and therefore continue to have problems. This advice is to separate the clothes correctly. The pastel and gray colors are not white. Therefore, in the laundry of white clothes, only white clothes should go to.

– Never wash the towels with the sheets, since the lint of the towels can stick to the sheets and once this happens, they are very difficult to remove, and, in addition, annoying when sleeping on those sheets.

– Before putting the wash, locate the most difficult stains to remove and try to remove them as soon as possible, since numerous stains do not disappear with a simple wash.

– Avoid using bleach in washings. With this product, clothes eventually turn yellowish. Use it only on the most difficult stains. It also avoids the use of chemical laundry bleaches, as with bleach, as time passes the clothes turn yellowish and lose their original white.

– Look at the labels of the garments before putting on a wash, some garments need a temperature or washing process different from others due to the material with which each one is made.

That is why we do not advise on a washing machine with hot or cold water since it depends on each type of garment.

– Tend clothes as soon as possible to avoid picking up odors due to moisture.

– To dry clothes, it is advisable to lay it outdoors, and if possible in the sun, the clothes will not turn yellow and the most difficult stains will disappear with greater certainty.

After these tips, we see how to wash white clothes is an effort to identify each type of garment, and that is why, in professional Laundry service, we offer the best service with the highest possible quality. Ensuring at all times that colored clothes white return to the client intact and with its original target.

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