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Johnson hopes to bring rings to Palmer and Fitz
On July 8th, the officers were earlier, and the red ramps said, David Johnson, said they didn’t feel the four-point guards, Carson Palmer and the outer hand-lined- Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) will never lead to a more urgency that the team needs a super bowl.

But helping the team will win forever, McCaffli said: “No matter what people put us on the first, or the last one, we are not important to us. We are a team, the head coach always tells We focus on the details and procedures. For us, what else is not a key. ”

McCaffli performs a wonderful last season, and it has become a player who has advanced thousands of scholars in NFL history. The panther has a contract with him a 4-year $ 64 million in April to make him the highest race in the alliance.

[Preface to the Average] The 14th Week Monday Night: Eagle VS Giant
The old opponents in Guandong District have been a few degrees of the fans to send the “Medolan Miracle” New York Giants and the Philadelphia eagle will be the 14th week of regular season.

Allen said earlier this week, he said that he was observed on a day, but it was obvious that there was no obvious recovery in the past few days. Allen’s injury will let Lak in the teammate of Stanford University, Continue to play a major role in the pass attack, last week he won 74 yards.

Falcon Macques Alex Mike will serve as a finance. The Executive Committee consists of the following persons: Pirate Line Sam – Acho (Sam Acho), Bill Line Wei Luolunzo – Alexander (Lorenzo Alexander), Jigu Defensive Dragon Solder Cales – Campbell, Eagle Safety Wei Malcolm Jenkins, Saint Abandoned Thomas Morstead, 49 Horn Wei Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman), Giant Safety Wei Mike – Thomas Michael Thomas, Patriot’s close-end – Watson (Ben Watson) and Titan Wesley Woodyardard.

“Carson and Rari have taught me in these two years, they let me understand that the efficient running route does not only need speed, but also need technology. I really want to do something for them, they are excellent in the court. Athletes, the field is great friend. I am not forced to have a stress of the outside world, but I really want to bring them a ring. ”

McAfri brought 303 three seasons, the number of blessings in the Fuk career season was 63.9 times, and the number of times the number in the season was 87 times. He also completed the 1000/1000 feat in that year.

The small horse neighborhood Allen was absent cheap jerseys from china the wounded week, Fritna will start
The Indiana Pony will meet the Jacksonville American Tiger team on the home this Sunday, but the team two people will be absent, and the two people have a sum of the sum of the numbers, they must know the pass of Andrew Rock. The number of parameters is 28 times.

Carson Wentz Wenz (Wentz) also did two years ago, but the injury and aging of the offensive front line, the slow response of the gardener and coaching team of the ball partner, and the attack group should improve it. Aspect. After weakening the status of Janoris Jenkins and reuse Julian Love, the second line of the biggest problem in the defensive group began to change.

Only the 2-winning giants have not been played in the playoffs, which is already a dilemma for three consecutive seasons. This season, the giant is not as good as Buffalobier in the victory of the Metropolitan Course. The king Saquen-Barkley has no performance in the second week. The new show, the new show, Daniel Jones, sent 20 mistakes in 10 times, and let the giants can’t hang their faces. This week, he will re-hanging on the injury, Eli Manning will be repeated, Xiaomanning is currently 116 wins and 116 losses, and the five-year-old career record will be broken.

Celebrity Tongyu: McCaverry is a powerful version of me
Christian McAffrey, Marshall Faulk and Roger Craig’s three people have a achievement: Single seasons are brought into thousands of code, There are no other people in cheap nfl jerseys From China history.

Today, today, the eagle is expected to rely on the victory of the victory. But with inexplicable to Miami dolphins, now the eagle can only strive to follow Dallas Cowboy. Let the dolphins are mad 37 points, and the eagle defensive group is difficult to blame. It is seriously aging, and the corner guard has no act, causing the champion defense to decline in steep cliff in two years, but also let the “brick home” of the old eagle’s idea.

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