Tips on PA DSS Certification and the Data Security Standard

PA DSS holds grounds based on PCI DSS. It is very important for all commercial entities to abide by the norms. Most of the payment app integrators and developers consider it to be a major condition for arriving at a settlement with their customers.

A key utility of the certification is to make sure that the security guidelines are met while storing or processing cardholder information. It is highly important since most payment services and banks utilize third-party applications for such processes.

Most organizations stand the risk of damaging their financial situation and even going through hardships of data breaches when they fail to satisfy the PA DSS guidelines.

Checklist for Pursuing PA DSS Certification:

Enhance Payment Application Security

Adherence to PA DSS gives out the assurance that the security measures worth an optimal level have been laid down for protecting payment apps and closing loopholes concerning Cardholder Data and Time. Alongside developing trust, it even assists in mitigating the risk of transaction security. Code security is the most appropriate option for ensuring security of application.

Abide by PA DSS Norms

Adhering to PA DSS doesn’t make a seller worthy of PCI DSS standard since that application must be executed into an ambience backed by PCI DSS. Regardless of other things, it facilitates the exertion since applications that preserve, process, or convey cardholder information are aligned with the opportunity of PCI DSS evaluation. It involves apps that have been approved for PA-DSS certification.

Avoid High Penalties

Maintaining a strategic distance from any penalties or punishments enforced by banks and attempting to improve consumer loyalty and security in compliance with the necessities encourages business to establish goodwill among all customers.

Let the Business Grow:

Increment in brand value as it gets recorded on Valid Payment Application guarantees a positive image.

Improve Bonding with Customers

Once you validate the payment application with PA DSS, it reflects your dedication to protect the information of your customers and improve your bonding with them. It will help conduct a test of application penetration, which can help in identifying the security posture of your application.

Report on Validation and Assessment

The final validation test demands assessment of the payment application after the gap assessment and remedial activities are performed. The client will gain access to the ROV (Report of Compliance) as well as the AOV (Attestation of Compliance) once the final audit concludes.

The payment application demands an annual revalidation even after the initial PA DSS validation turns successful. The certification stays in force for a period of three years.

Author’s BIO:

Kamal Nair is a Quality Assurance Officer with a law firm in Noida. His journals have helped us acquire knowledge on specific legal aspects of the PA DSS certification and other norms.

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