Tips to Beat Belial in Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis is here and it has some tough boss fights. One of these said tough fights have to be fought against Belial. Beating Belial is indeed hard, but it can be done. If you are facing troubles in beating Belial, then you should read through the blog. Here are the tips and tricks to beat Belial in Darksiders Genesis.

Tips to Beat Belial

  1. Belial’s Statistics

He is tall, massive, agile, and also seems like a deadly appearing opponent. He has a trident and a long tail to capture and attacks by acquiring massive areas. He knows numerous tricks you should be cautious of.

  1. Attacking Skills of Belial

He packs multiple attacking powers and techniques to destroy all the resources and of the players.

These are the challenges and attacking techniques of Belial

  • Demon Lord Belial has the power to bewilder the location of the player. He will disappear after falling into the threshold of the teleporting location.
  • He tries to destroy all your resources to weaken you.
  • Belial also knows fiery punches for attacking by one-shot killing power technique. It has ranged, and melee punches.
  • If he finds the player alive, then he applies another attack of stunning and punching his opponent to kill him completely before the player’s response.
  • Players have to avoid the attacks of Trident from the Demon’s side by bouncing over it.
  • Belial may produce a ring or waves of fire to slam you on the ground by the force of fire waves. He will try to burn you with fire waves. You have to stay between the fire by dodging and jumping over the fire.
  • Try to get away or dodge Minions not to let the Belial’s health to recover. Try to weaken him continuously to defeat him.
  • He packs various shields to protect himself and to prevent players from creating damage to him.
  • Prevent the shooting beams from restoring and boosting the health of Belial. He will use two artifacts to do this.
  1. Killing Belial

The new abilities of the strife work like a boon for the players in this battle. In this game, the players will need to perform ranged damage and crushes to defeat the Demon. Belial can do a lot of damage to the players, but the players will have to avoid them. They can stand back for attacking as it will provide extra time for the reaction.

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