Tips to build a successful SEO campaign

One of the crucial factors with respect to achieving long-term SEO success is to know about how to build and launch an effective SEO campaign. It is not just knowing about how to build an SEO campaign, but it is also about the steps that you undertake both before & after the completion of the given campaign.

In this post, experts from the best SEO company Dubai will help you unravel the importance of running a successful SEO campaign and how to do the same properly.

What is an SEO Campaign?

An SEO campaign can be referred to as the set of pre-defined steps that are followed for improving the overall rankings of the website in the respective search engine results for a particular keyword set.

Building & Running a Successful SEO Campaign

If you wish to leverage the benefits offered by a successful SEO campaign, here are some steps to create and execute the same:

#Analyze the Setup of Your Website

The first step that you need to execute before launching the SEO campaign is reviewing your website. It is an important step that is required to be implemented for ensuring that the website has no flaws for negatively affecting the SEO campaigns and their overall performance.

For instance, if your website is not mobile-friendly, then the chances are that your campaigns are going to fall because mobile-friendliness is an important ranking factor.

Therefore, before launching an SEO campaign, you are required to ensure that:

  • The website is mobile-friendly
  • Website loads fast on both desktop & mobile
  • It has SSL enabled

Carry out an SEO Audit

Now, you should aim at reviewing the SEO healthiness of the website by performing in-depth SEO audit. In case you have recently carried out SEO audit for your website, then you are not required to do it every time you would start a new SEO campaign. However, if you have not performed the audit, then it is highly recommended.

In context with the audit process, you are required to review the technical SEO infrastructure. Here are some things to consider:

  • The URL structure of the website
  • Website structure
  • Definition of canonical URLs
  • Optimized txt SEO
  • Optimized XML sitemap

Set the SEO Campaign Goals

The different between the ongoing SEO process and a dedicated SEO campaign is that SEO campaigns tend to have specific targets or goals. This implies that before starting a campaign, you should exactly specify what you are looking forward to achieving. Some of the common instances can be:

  • Increasing the visibility on Google for specific keywords on which you do not have presence
  • Improving the rankings of the existing pages –for particular SEO keywords

Implement Keyword & Topic Research

Once you have set the high-level goals for the respective SEO campaigns, you should aim at being more specific. The first step in the direction is performing in-depth keyword and topic research. The reason for the same is to optimize the entire content on your website.


Make the most of the right SEO campaign strategies for the success of your website.

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