Tips to choose the right paint colours


When it comes to selecting paint colours for your home, it can seem like a daunting task when faced with the endless choices that come with colour charts. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a paint colour for your property:

#1 Room size

The size of the room is one the most important considerations to make before choosing paint colours for your rooms – with the amount of natural light that a room receives varying how we perceive colours. For a small room, we recommend making use of a neutral design background, for instance painting the rooms white, in order to increase the amount of light in the room and make the space look and feel bigger. 

#2 Preference:

Something that West London Painting Group continues to remind each of its customers when they paint their properties is that finding a colour that matches your personal tastes is just as important as selecting a colour that matches the remaining interior. We recommend choosing a paint colour based on colours that resonate with you – think favourite clothing items, flowers, and so on. 

#3 Accent colours:

Painting an entire room with bold colours may seem a bit overwhelming for some homeowners. We advise utilising accent colours, such as bold feature walls, to effectively add colour to a room without having to go all-in with extravagant hues.

#4 Use testers:

Testers are an excellent way to see how paint colours look in each of your rooms without fully committing to the colour choice. We recommend using them and we provide all customers with free samples for paint colours to help with their choice.

#5 Inspiration:

If you are still having trouble with choosing paint colours for your home, we suggest looking for house inspiration from dedicated interior design websites, such as Houzz or Retail Design Blog. One of the most popular sites for inspiration is Pinterest – here you can make topic-related searches to find interior inspiration based on your favourite colours or themes.


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