Tips to create Product launch for Hybrid Event.

Change is the essence of life. Before the pandemic, there was a lot of emphasis on In-person events but with the onset of the pandemic, the entire event industry was going through a major pain because of the pandemic, events were not happening, and revenues were coming down drastically for organizers. In these tough times, companies like ibentos were a blessing to the industry and businesses, customers understood this very well.

Presently the business models have switched back to the Hybrid model rather than to In-Person events due to ongoing variants as the Hybrid method is packed with convenience, and flexibility and is appealing in all respects.

ibentos Hybrid events are the oxygen for the events industry in current times.

Now that everybody is practicing a hybrid work style to cater to the need of employees, workspaces.

So hybrid product launches are gaining momentum.

Companies like ibentos, an event tech company with more than 10 years of experience in providing innovative and unique, technology-driven solutions to its clients, are well versed in supporting them and taking their events a notch higher.

ibentos is a pioneer in conducting hybrid product launches to exhibit its products and offerings.

What are Hybrid Product launches?

Hybrid Product launches focus on showcasing their latest products. It is basically a mix of traditional and Virtual Events.

ibentos is shaping the dreams of its organizers by hosting hybrid events for them and making it a mesmerizing experience by displaying their products through a Hybrid product launch.

Tips to create Product launches for Hybrid Event

  1. Highlight the USP of your product launched in Hybrid events and how it will be useful for the prospect. Interactive and live demos allow your prospects to experience the product’s unique features and make them understand, how the product can provide resolutions to their specific problems.
  1. Educate your prospects as to how the platform can enhance Engagement & Networking Opportunities – The patron, members, and participants can interact, share their learning and create connections through the same portal which can help in great ways.
  1. Make them aware of how you increase their Brand Visibility and how it will have a positive impact on their business (Sponsors, Exhibitors & Partners)- Boost brand exposure and credibility, making it easier to sell and generate revenues.
  1. Make them aware of what additional features you are offering to them and how it can help them in various ways: –
  • A resource centre and Knowledge Hub – like ibentos portal also offers a resource centre /knowledge hub. The brands/organizers get the facility to showcase their Products, learning documents, the latest updates, Video content, and other important information on the platform which is easily available and accessible to the audiences.
  • Digital Content Repository – For instance, the ibentos portal has come up with a very useful feature wherein the entire content for each and every activity is stored and recorded in the same portal. Users have the facility to access the content at any stage at their convenience. This is more like a digital repository.
  • One Portal – Help organizers host various activities through a Single portal for 365 days. (be it organizing multiple events, conferences, webinars, training sessions, conducting quizzes, polls, feedback, etc.). It is more of a DIY (do it yourself model) wherein the organizes can set up their own events, and activities without depending too much on the external technical team every time.
  • Also, real-time data helps to understand the recurring visitors and the number of people who have viewed the event. Thus giving an insight as to how one can improve the quality of their event in near future and also gives the host a fair idea of how well the visitors have taken the entire virtual event and their reaction to it which will help them in decision-making while planning for any event in near future.
  • Virtual Store— like ibentos portal offers a unique feature (Virtual Store) that enables brands to list their products in a high-definition 3D model. This unique feature brings a lot of information and keeps the portal very lively and engaging.
  • ROI – like ibentos facilitates more engaged followers and increases retention, which can ultimately increase sales
  • Marketing Activities – Online communities drive sales and engagement in a greater way. The entire database is stored in a single location, it becomes very easy for organizers /brands to collect the complete and comprehensive database through a single click and host various marketing activities. This not only helps in expanding the influence, but also helps in growing the network and audience.

Preparing the right mix of tips to create product launches for hybrid events, as mentioned above, can take you places and help you in earning new projects successfully just like ibentos who are masters of this craft. So, ibentos can help you fly and achieve the extraordinary by following these valuable tips.

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