Tips to Design Your Water Tank Before Monsoon Season

Tips to Design Your Water Tank Before Monsoon Season

The season of umbrellas and raincoats has finally arrived. This means that there will be unnecessary water clogging on the roof. Also, the water tank that sits on your roof becomes a matter of concern due to unnecessary water spilling inside. The best possible solution for this is to use an innovative water tank cover design that addresses your concerns. They are pretty affordable and you can purchase it from any store. You also have the option to buy a water tank cover online. In this article, we are going to discuss how a good water tank cover design protects your tank during monsoon and how to buy them.

How Does a Water Tank Cover Design Protect Your Tank?

The water tank cover acts like a jacket for your water tank and protects it from any natural calamity. This jacket has a special Flame-Retardant Insulation technology to maintain the temperature of the water inside the tank. This means that these tanks can keep the water cool during summer, and warm during the winter season. They have a special UV resistant layer that saves the water from the harmful radiation. They also prevent any sort of unnecessary bacteria from growing in and around the water tanks.

Additionally, a water tank cover design increases the lifespan of a tank drastically. For instance, the water tank doesn’t get direct sunlight, rain, or snow when it is covered by a cover. Thus, it can serve longer without any need for maintenance.

Advantages of Using a Water Tank Cover Design in the Rainy Season

The rainy season is all about unnecessary clogging of water. Even if you have a great drainage system, nothing can completely prevent it during this season. It is important that every house must have a plan to protect their tanks from the side-effects of water clogging. A water tank cover design will help as:

It completely insulates the tank from the temperature changes and doesn’t affect the water inside.
It doesn’t allow the growth of any type of fungus, bacteria, or harmful organisms near the tank. Thus, keeps the water safe for drinking.

Moreover, the underground water is often contaminated during this season. These covers have an integrated water filter that filters the water while entering and leaving the tank to stop these contaminations.
At a glance, we can say that with a water tank cover design, your tank is secured from any sort of environmental threats that might occur during the rainy season.

Importance of Choosing a Good Manufacturer Before to Buy Water Tank Cover Online

People might think that they have got all the information needed for a water tank cover and all that is left is to purchase online. You may be wrong here. There are a lot of companies that allow you to buy a water tank cover online but only a few of them sell covers that can serve all purposes. We have shortlisted two of the best companies that provide the best water tank cover online:

1. Nova Guard

This is our top choice for water tank cover. They provide the best water tank covers both for domestic and industrial use. When it comes to the most durable water tank covers, Nova Guard is the only option. The cover manufactured by them use world-class materials and give the best results. They use five-layer protection to keep all the monsoon moisture away from your tank. The covers are completely leakproof to ensure that none of the rainwater gets inside your tank. There are lots of organisms that can contaminate your tank during the rainy season. However, with the Nova guard water tank cover, there is no need to worry about the water purity inside your tank.

2. Sintex

Sintex is the household name when it comes to any sort of plumbing solution. They are one of the most popular names if you want to buy a water tank cover online. The cover made by them comes with inbuilt filters for the water purification process. They provide world-class after-sales services. Sintex ensures to solve all issues within 24 hours of successful complaint registration. Additionally, they provide complimentary pest control with every water tank cover. They also have a dedicated team for the tank cover installation.

Sintex also provides various attractive offers with all of their online purchases. For example, there is a hefty discount if a user chooses to buy a water tank cover online along with a water tank. They ensure complete value for money on all of their products. This ensures that their customers always get the best products at minimal prices.

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