Tips to Develop Your Toddler’s Social Skills


If you have a toddler, then you’re probably well aware of how difficult it can be to get them to behave in social situations like going to the park or interacting with other children their age. In fact, there are millions of parents around the world that struggle with this issue on a daily basis and have no idea how to help their little ones behave well with others at an early age, which is why we’ve put together this list of tips on how to develop social skills in your toddler once they start to child care Ashfield.

Language and Communication Are the Foundation

Before worrying about manners and making sure your child looks comfortable in a social setting, it’s important to first make sure he or she can communicate with others. Language is perhaps the most important aspect of social skills. It allows us to express our thoughts and emotions clearly, as well as react appropriately when others speak. Without clear communication, it’s impossible for toddlers or children to develop normal social skills later on.

Playtime Is a Great Time to Get To Know Each Other

It can be a challenge for toddlers to find their social skills. One way they do so is by interacting with other people. So, set aside time every day for your child and his or her friends to interact. Take turns playing with different toys and make sure there are no winners or losers at playtime (remember, it’s all about fun). Interacting with others when they are at the Ashfield child care on a regular basis will help understand what makes an interaction positive and how others react when they speak or share their toys.

Take Turns during Playtime Activities

Make sure you’re taking turns playing with your toddler and giving him time to play independently, too, especially after he or she returns from day care that offers early learning Ashfield . For example, if you’re building a block tower together, let him be in charge of placing one block at a time. That way he feels like he has some power and control over what happens when he plays. Taking turns like that can help develop social skills because it shows your child how other people feel and think.

Listen When They Talk About Their Friends and Tasks They Enjoy At School

Even though toddlers and pre-schoolers don’t have a large vocabulary, they still communicate—and a lot of what they communicate is about their friends, activities, and interests. It can be hard for adults to know what interests their children have if we’re not actively listening. Kids want you to pay attention, so when they talk about these topics and especially when they start bringing them up with strangers, listen closely and find out more!

Always Use Positive Language When Interacting With Them

Instead of saying, you must share, say I want you to give your friend a turn. Don’t focus on what they can’t do; instead encourage them to do things positively.

With these tips, you should be able to help your toddler socialise with everyone.

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