Tips To Expedite Home Sale For Realtors

The real estate commission doesn’t come until after the home sale, speed up the process with these tips.

Some agents wait months to land that real estate commission, and sometimes it can’t come soon enough. Going from landing a property to making a sale shouldn’t take forever, let’s check out how some agents move properties quickly.

Create A Sense Of Urgency

One of the most effective ways to expedite the sale of a home or condo is to market the property with precision. We can use our listing copy and photos, a virtual or drone tour, social media posts, and e-blasts to foster a sense of urgency about the property. To do this we need to effectively highlight what makes the listing so special while also making it clear that this property will not be on the market long.

De-Personalize & De-Clutter

Many Niagara real estate agents agree that clients who get a storage unit tend to expedite their home sale in Niagara falls. Having a bunch of family photos, keepsakes, and natural clutter around the house can hinder a potential buyers ability to see their own family enjoying the space. Investing in a storage unit while showing the home can be a great way to move the property quickly.

Know The Competition

All of the best real estate marketing in the world won’t help an agent who isn’t keeping track of the surrounding homes for sale in Niagara falls. Imagine marketing a pool as the main attraction of a listing only to find out a more tricked out swimming area is featured in the house for sale on the next block over. Knowing what competition is around the neighborhood  is essential and allows us to market our own listing appropriately.

Transparency Even In The Negatives

Is there a lot of noise? Will the buyer have to replace or upgrade any appliances soon? Well, be honest! Buyers in the market right now are discerning, and telling them about the negatives right off the bat can establish a basis of trust that could expedite home sale in Niagara falls time. Being an honest and transparent Niagara real estate agent is a great way to establish a strong client relationship, and being honest about a property will help close a sale.

Host Inspection & Make Repairs

Before going live with a listing everything in the home should be fixed. An inspection is going to figure out whether the plumbing, electric, walls and more are up to code. As an agent, having an inspection done before going to market is a good way to ensure there aren’t any surprises after a buyer shows serious interest. After having an inspection done weigh out the cost of a repair against the amount that could be added to the sale price if the repair is made. If it is fiscally worth it, then definitely repair or offer repair before the sale is final.

Expedite home sale frequency by being a smart, honest Niagara real estate agent with a keen eye for marketing. It’s the best way to cash in on good real estate commission.


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